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UiTV’s Main Concept and Global Marketing Plan

UiTV Stands for United Indians Television, a media entertainment business featuring free, global full-screen high definition multi-channel Internet Television. Our aim is to inform, entertain and most importantly, connect the 30 million people of Indian origin living around the world with the 1.21 billion people of India, as well as other world communities such as the Chinese, Arab, African, European and American communities. We intend to create a long lasting and powerful global community network where the viewers are active participants.

Video streamed through ten individual channels will form the centre of the UITV’s content offer, mixed with a high level of technical functionality encouraging users to comment on, upload and share their own content with other users on the platform.

The initial content for the platform is aggregated from rights-owners, with further developments being to produce bespoke programming and user content.  UITV provides ten video channels combined with a suite of web 2.0 social networking tools allowing users to interact with the content. The platform will be monetised through advertising, sponsorship and e-commerce revenues.  

UiTV has an innovative and comprehensive online business to business (B2B) internet television channel which provides a professional platform for exporters, producers, suppliers and others who are involved in the import-export trade.

The internet television website is live and can be viewed at http://www.uitvconnect.com

UiTV’s Marketing Strategy for Business to Business (B2B)

  1. UiTV’s business channel is offering a platform where buyers and sellers can communicate, collaborate and make business deals.
  2. UiTV has created a venue filled with features and functionalities that allow members to conduct business processes through the internet.

The Benefits for Companies registering with UiTV are as follows:

  1. UiTV will build a mini web page on the B2B channel with your logo, profile, and contact details.
  2. 10 pictures of your products or services will be displayed on your page.
  3. A promotional video of your company will be broadcast on the B2B channel.
  4. There will be a link to your website from our channel.
  5. UiTV will promote your company to our Global Business Market and also to our worldwide audience.
  6. UiTV’s mobile application will be available to our business members to contact with buyers and sellers.
  7. UiTV social media is also available to companies which are keen to connect and advertise their products and services to a worldwide audience.
  8. (B2B is undergoing a sea change. Traditional marketing channels such as television, the print media and outdoor advertising no longer deliver the return on investment they once promised – for a simple reason. Customers are spending less than 25% of their time paying attention to these channels. Wondering where all the action is taking place then? The answer is social media. UiTV has its own social media platform which is available to both buyers and sellers.)
  9. UiTV will also send email marketing to our global business community informing them about your company, products and services.
  10. As a member of our B2B channel, you will have full access to our global list of companies and you can use our platform to communicate and interact with them.
  11. Your product or services will be seen by a global business community, hence helping you to conclude a deal. This service is offering you access to original suppliers. It will remove geographic fences and provide approach to original buyers and a wider marketplace. Suppliers will have the potential to increase revenue.

Online video benefits for Business to Business (B2B)

Rather than expecting your buyers to read through pages of text, UiTV is offering the opportunity to put your video on the B2B site. The advantages are as follows:

  1. It can show your companies profile.
  2. It can show your products.
  3. It can explain your products.
  4. It enhances lead conversion.
  5. It helps companies to get more coverage.

Selling worldwide through UiTV’s B2B platform

  1. Direct contact with thousands of prospective buyers in a single location. For new members of UiTV’s B2B platform we offer them readymade clients without much effort from their side.
  2. UiTV will provide buyers and sellers a platform to communicate, collaborate and make business deals.
  3. UiTV regards the participant companies as a community.
  4. Becoming a member of UiTV’s platform enables you to open a low cost, highly functional and easy to use sales channel for your company.
  5. You expose your company to a new targeted audience which otherwise would have been untapped to you.

UiTV’s main goal is to help our Buyers and Sellers

  1. UiTV will not take any commission from buyers and seller when a deal has been made through its platform. It is not the policy of UiTV to share revenue from these deals.
  2. There is a fixed fee, which will enable you to gain one full year’s access to UiTV’s B2B channel. This fee will include the following.

    a) We will build and provide a detailed profile page of your company which will include 10 pictures of your products and services.
    b) We will set up an email marketing campaign thus helping you to connect with buyers and sellers worldwide.
    c) Our Social Networking channel will be available to you for connecting with our global audience.
    d) Your companies promotional video will be broadcast on the B2B platform.
    e) UiTV has a team of journalists who specialise in writing article about businesses. Should you require this facility to promote your company, UiTV will be happy to arrange this for you.

Finally, UITV is dedicated to providing marketing services and full support to small, medium, new start up companies and emerging businesses looking for opportunities to increase their potential for success worldwide. There are millions of buyers and sellers who are eager to connect and do business with your company. Our goal is to introduce your entity to the emerging market of India, China, and other Asian countries, as well as the rest of the world.

It is fully accepted that the internet is changing the world of business. Before our eyes, the internet world is systematically transforming industry after industry. To an increasing extent,
a company does not exist if it is not present on the internet.


For more information, please email info@uitvconnect.com or visit www.uitvbusiness.com/sign-up to register your company.

UiTV looks forward to becoming part of your world.