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A new tweet from President Trump is the subject of today's Conflict of Interest Watch.Video courtesy - CNN.


Trump's famously for all American goods... so what is he doing using Italian tailors? Meet the man secretly clothing the Donald.


Becoming a millionaire before the age of 30 is not an easy task.


While Syrians are fleeing their country, the last American Tomas Webber insists on staying in Damascus.


The internet doesn't seem too happy with the fact that Taylor Swift chose not to participate in last weekend´s Women´s March on Washington...


US President Donald Trump and his wife dance at their first inauguration ball of the evening, later joined by Mike Pence and his wife and both...


After nearly 2 days buried under snow, six survivors, including a woman and young child, are pulled from the avalanche site in central Italy.


On Saturday, scores of women and men will join the Women's March on Washington, including several celebs! Will Queen Bey be one of them?


On the 18th of January, 4 powerful earthquakes with a 5.6 magnitude hit central Italy further triggering an avalanche over 100km away from the...


This mini city within Paris has become an unlikely home and workplace for illegal migrants rejected from society.


Brexit means Brexit...and this Tuesday the British PM may reveal just what that sentence means.


Mexico is rioting due to a massive hike in fuel prices.


Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson's reaction snap to Meryl Streep's anti Trump speech is currently making rounds in the form of hilarious Twitter...


Donald Trump took to Twitter to respond to Meryl Streep after the iconic actress slammed the President Elect during her Golden Globes acceptance...


Dutch nationalist and founder of the Party For Freedom Greet wilders speaks out against the islamization of Europe.


Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's split has just gotten even more ugly, as the blonde once again slams the Pirates of the Caribbean star for...


Having dreamed of going to space from an early age, Anastasia is finally realizing her dream as she prepares for her mission to Mars.


Just hours after the British vote is official, British Colin and his Dutch wife Angele are left astounded.

Fox News madness : Birmingham is a no go city for non-Muslims and London has police enforcing Sharia law Video Courtesy...

A massive fire broke out during a cultural event at the Make In India week in Mumbai this evening.


Hundreds of people gathered in the streets of Paris over the weekend to protest against all forms of racism and fascism.

After six months schools in Liberia have reopened after the country has been declared Ebola free for five months.

At least 19 have been killed in an attack on a Shi'ite mosque in Peshawar on Friday.

New Englanders are getting creative on how to get out of their houses with all this snow.

Open to amateur skiers, the steep slopes and the long distance of the race in the East of France makes the Transjurassienne an extraordinarily...

A car ended up stuck in a sinkhole after the driver, thinking there was just a puddle in front of her, drove over it.

When cleaning a few old lockers, the staff of a school in western India found an extraordinary discovery: 2 kg.

A Dutch Jihadist who died in a suicide attack Wednesday in Iraq can be seen leading a ISIS demonstration in The Hague back in July.

Athens has many unique buildings, including a bathhouse that opens its doors to the homeless and those in need.

Locals of Holzhausen gather every year for its annual Christmas tree throwing event, of which money raised is donated to charity.

The life of 14 year-old Muimi Kimanzi turned complicated when he was diagnosed swollen mandible, a rare but not deadly condition.

More websites are being hacked on a frequent base by unknown groups of Islamic extremists, turning to cyber terrorism and leaving behind nothing...

Thousands rallied across Germany Monday evening in massive counter demonstrations against the anti-immigration Pegida movement.

Hours before prosecutor Nisman was supposed to testify against the Argentinian Government, he was found dead with a gun laying next to him.

Young Greeks welcome the victory of Syriza party and its leader Alexis Tsipras, who has promised to renegotiate the terms of Greece's bailout...

The fate of two Japanese men whom ISIS kidnapped and threatened to execute was unknown as the 72-hour deadline that the group set apparently...

In a statement, President Obama expressed his personal condolences to the family of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, who passed away at the age of...

The leader of the anti-Islamisation PEGIDA party in Germany has quit after a photo of him posing as Hitler was published in the Bild newspaper,...

CNN's Ana Cabrera talks to CNN Safety Analyst David Soucie about the circumstances that may have led to the crash of AirAsia Flight QZ8501.

'Illegal' is the new magazine in east London that is being sold by drug users, who can use the 2 pound profit per issue to fund their habit and...