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“United Airlines on Sunday defended a gate agent’s decision to bar two young girls from a flight because they were wearing leggings, a decision...


A tropical cyclone carrying winds of up to 263km/h (163 mph) approached the northeast coast of Australia on Tuesday.


Before she was Erika Jayne, the singer turned reality TV star and sexy persona on the dance floor, the Georgia native was Erika Gerardi.Video...


Is the Pope pro-exorcism?


The US military has confirmed a coalition airstrike on the site in Mosul where dozens of civilians allegedly died.


Cincinnati nightclub shooting that killed 1, injured 15 started as a dispute police.Video Courtesy-ABC News.


Anti-women fundamentalists in the GOP are planning to phase maternity services out of the US healthcare system.


US Army General Curtis Scaparrotti, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, floated the idea that 'perhaps' Russia is supplying the Afghan...


"We are very proud of the Affordable Care Act," Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said.Video Courtesy-ABC News.


A 19-year-old American-Israeli Jewish man was arrested Thursday as the prime suspect in a wave of bomb threats against U.S.


Over 130 people trying to take shelter from the fighting in Mosul have been buried under the rubble of a building hit by a coalition airstrike,...


The Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is under fire for briefing the White House before briefing members of his own...


British Prime Minister Theresa May updated lawmakers about the terror attack investigation outside of Parliament.


“CNN’s Erin Burnett Out Front on Tuesday profiled a former Donald Trump supporter who attended 45 rallies during the campaign, but no longer...


Iraqi forces are intensifying their air campaign on suspected Islamic State group positions in the city of Mosul.


The attacker plowed through pedestrians and stabbed a police officer just outside the British Parliament.Video Courtesy-ABC News.


James Stavridis, Fletcher School Dean at Tufts University, discusses his new book, "The Leader's Bookshelf," on the writings that helped shape...


Recently a group of Spring Breakers in Cancun decided it would be a great idea to chant "build that wall." Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the...


Recently a group of Spring Breakers in Cancun decided it would be a great idea to chant "build that wall." Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the...


A British newspaper has published a striking article, warning English fans that they 'could be killed', if they attend the 2018 World Cup in...


DriveTanks.com offers packages for thousands of dollars that allow people to drive different tanks on courses at a Texas ranch.Video Courtesy-...


“For weeks now, we’ve seen a steady stream — not just leaks — of information about possible contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russians...


RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios.


The FBI director broke tradition by confirming publicly for the first time that the agency's investigating Russia's attempt to influence the...


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"The head of Australia's Anglican Church said he was 'deeply ashamed' after a government report found nearly 1,100 people had filed child sexual...


Russia’s foreign and defense ministers, Sergey Lavrov and Sergey Shoigu, are speaking after meeting with their Japanese counterparts, Fumio...


The test is being seen as the country's latest aggressive diplomatic move.Video Courtesy-ABC News.


Friday on the NewsHour, German Chancellor Angela Merkel meets with President Trump, setting the tone for talks on trade, NATO and defense.


The FDNY draped ceremonial black bunting across the fire house of an emergency medical technician killed after she was run over by her own...


“Back in 2014, Wendy Davis was simply a Democratic lawmaker in a red state.


One of New York City's most iconic landmarks, the Empire State Building, was evacuated on Friday after fire broke out in the basement.


An emergency medical technician in New York City was killed Thursday when she was struck and dragged by a stolen ambulance, police said.


She eventually gets to safety where she receives help from rescuers.Heavy rainfall across Peru has caused flooding in several of the country’s...


Volcanic rocks and steam injured at least 10 people, including tourists and a scientist, following an explosion on Sicily's Mount Etna on...


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“The aim in 2018 is to put a significant number of Justice Democrats in the Congress.


The AirWar monitoring group raised alarm about hundreds reported killed just within a week.


The judge argued that the ban discriminates against people based on nationality and religion.Video Courtesy-ABC News.


HHS Secretary Tom Price told reporters Monday that he disagrees "strenuously" with a new report by the Congressional Budget Office estimating 14...