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A Russian military jet has reportedly crashed in north-western Syria, killing the two crew members on board.- Video courtesy - euronews


A pro-independence march in the Spanish city of Valencia descended into violence as it faced off against a counter-demonstration for Spanish...


Hundreds of thousands of Muslim Rohingyas have fled a brutal government crackdown in Myanmar. Many have lost their lives trying to escape.


The war in Eastern Ukraine is into its fourth year and despite the conflict now rarely making world headlines, people there are still struggling...


While the Catalan crisis dominates the headlines, a similar story is breaking out in Italy – with the country’s northern regions gearing up for...


Former Catalonian government leader Artur Mas has said the region is not yet ready for 'real independence'.- Video courtesy - euronews


The Spanish government has stepped up economic pressure on the Catalan government by passing a law making it easier for companies to move their...


Trump shows support for Puerto Rico, tries to speak Spanish. - Video courtesy - RT


The UN flag has been lowered in Haiti as the peacekeeping mission that has helped maintain order through 13 years of political turmoil and...


Ilya Muromets, the Russian Navy’s cutting-edge icebreaker designed for Arctic operations, has begun sea trials.


A mass wedding involving 199 young couples was held in the Chechen capital of Grozny to mark the 199th anniversary of the founding of the city...


The US government has expelled 15 Cuban diplomats from the country's embassy in Washington, accusing Havana of failing to protect US staff on...


The leader of Al-Nusra has been critically injured in an airstrike carried out by the Russian Air Force, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a...


Russia & Pakistan hold 2-week long military drills in in the mountains near the Nizhny Arkhiz settlement, Karachay-Cherkessia Republic.-...


The Palestinian cabinet has met in the Gaza Strip for the first time in three years.It's an effort to reconcile the West Bank-based Fatah party...


Iran says it has begun a joint military drill with Iraq near the international borders of Iraq's northern Kurdish region.- Video courtesy -...


Former Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill offers insight on what was found in the Mandalay Bay hotel room.- Video courtesy - Fox News


US federal contractors began on Tuesday (Sept.


A royal decree allowing women in Saudi Arabia to drive for the first time has been welcomed by rights groups.


It is said that the couple from Krasnodar has been killing and eating their victims since 1999.


Turkish and Iraqi soldiers conducted exercises on the border between the two countries on Tuesday, a day after Iraqi Kurds voted in a landmark...


The Russian Defense Ministry has released video of its strikes against Al-Nusra targets in the Syrian province of Idlib.


Chinese servicemen have held their first military drills at China's first overseas base in the Horn of Africa in Djibouti.- Video courtesy - RT...


Bob Woodruff’s daring 880-mile journey along the China-North Korea border examines the delicate relationship between the two countries and the...


Trump appears ready to take military action on North Korea.- Video courtesy - Fox News


Associated Press correspondent in Jakarta Stephen Wright reports on Mount Agung.- Video courtesy - Fox News


German Chancellor Angela Merkel holds a press conference on Monday, September 25 in Berlin.- Video courtesy - RT


China's earthquake administration has detected a magnitude 3.4 tremor in North Korea at a depth of 'zero kilometres'.


Iran tested a new ballistic missile in Tehran on Friday as President Hassan Rouhani stepped up pressure on the United States after promising to...


One-on-one with Egypt's president on 'Hannity'.- Video courtesy - Fox News


Norway, the world's happiest country, now has a new reason to be cheerful - it is now also the richest nation on earth.- Video courtesy -...


Transport policy, the "diesel scandal" and the interests of the German automotive industry is a hot topic of debate that is dominating the...


Peru has taken its first steps towards the legalisation of medical marijuana after it approved a bill that would allow the production and...


Footage shows engineering divisions employing a pontoon to enable passage for troops and equipment over to the eastern banks, consolidating...


A joint Russian-Chinese naval force of more than a dozen military vessels, including submarines, will participate in the upcoming second stage...


The president expected to discuss North Korea, anti-terror efforts, with world leaders.- Video courtesy - Fox News


Police confiscate several weapons from demonstrators.- Video courtesy - Fox News


Almost a quarter of a million children are now living in squalid refugee camps in Bangladesh after crossing the border from Myanmar, according...


Blast on London train during rush hour injures 29 people; fifth terrorist attack in Britain this year.- Video courtesy - Fox News


Russia says the finalised agreements on de-escalation zones in Syria open the way for a genuine ceasefire in the devastated country.- Video...