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A Russian man managed to film a meteor flying in the sky in the North-Eastern part of the country.


The heads of three UN agencies issued a fresh plea for the Saudi-led military coalition to lift its blockade on Yemen.- Video courtesy - RT


Opium production in Afghanistan has almost doubled this year over 2016, according to a United Nations survey.


The claims around alleged Russian meddling in British politics has been stirred by allegations that fake Twitter accounts attempted to influence...


The French president is blaming his predecessors for fueling the rise of extremism in the country.


Aerobatic planes from all over the world performed stunning manoeuvres that painted the sky with colours, during the 2017 Dubai Airshow in the...


But the action is 'temporary' and not linked to the overthrow of President Robert Mugabe.…- Video courtesy - euronews


Britain’s new Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson has taken a tough line on British-born members of Islamic State:  Kill them and be done with it...


The US is pulling the plug on funding a program to clear unexploded munitions in Cambodia.


Should America risk going to war with North Korea?- Video courtesy - Fox News


Thousands of people in Yemen have lined the capital's streets in protest against the Saudi-led blockade of the country.


The U.S.


The US leader's again offering to help mediate the region's divisive conflicts, as he dives in to the South China Sea dispute.


Water cannons blasted at rioting football fans in Brussels as Morocco qualifies for 2018 World Cup finals.- Video courtesy - RT


US and South Korea joint naval drill off east coast of Korean Peninsula.- Video courtesy - RT


US President Donald Trump on Saturday shook hands briefly with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin ahead of a meeting of world leaders at the...


Members of the Spanish Falange right-wing group gathered in front of the Belgian Embassy in Madrid on Friday to call on the extradition of...


The defense ministry building in Yemen’s capital, Sana'a has been targeted in at least two airstrikes by Saudi-led coalition warplanes, local...


Riot police and protesters clashed in the run up to US President Donald Trump’s visit to the Philippines.- Video courtesy - RT


ISIS’ self-proclaimed caliphate wreaked destruction over three years in Syria with many of the country's historic sites completely destroyed.


A new Russian frigate the ‘Admiral Makarov’ took to the Baltic Sea on Thursday, launching missiles as part of an air defence exercise.


French president Emmanuel Macron has effectively called the Iran Nuclear deal into question, saying it needs revising, RT's Charlotte Dubenski...


Russian entrepreneurs have developed powerful new firefighting technology which could help put an end to industrial fires.- Video courtesy - RT...


Colombian police seized over 12 tons of cocaine valued at US$360 million (€310.4 million) in Apartado on Wednesday, the largest-ever seizure in...


EU diplomats are sketching out a Brexit transition offer that could let the UK stay in the single market for around two years after it leaves...


It's been three years since the genocide of the Yazidis, a Kurdish religious minority in Syria and Iraq.


US President Donald Trump delivered a warning to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and continued his tough rhetoric on the North Korean missile...


US President Donald Trump has arrived in South Korea on the second leg of his five-nation tour of Asia, bringing the leader closer than ever to...


Infinity Bible Church Pastor Dimas Salaberrios comments on 'Fox & Friends First.'- Video courtesy - Fox News


Donald Trump is in South Korea on the second stop of his Asia tour and he's once again stressed the need to buy American made arms.


Dozens of people have been killed and many are missing after Typhoon Damrey made landfall in Central and Southern Vietnam on Saturday, lashing...


Almost a year has passed since the US presidential election, but scandals in both parties continue to emerge. - Video courtesy - RT


A massive car bomb has killed over a hundred people in a refugee camp near the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor.


Footage released by the 'Yemeni Army Media' on Sunday is said to capture the launch of a long-range ballistic missile from Yemeni territory a...


24M tablets of opiate linked to IS fighters seized in Italy.  The video, filmed in October, was recently released by Italian police.- Video...


Heavy rains across Papua New Guinea on Thursday helped replenish water storage bins at the Manus Island detention centre.- Video courtesy -...


Over a thousand people gathered in Barcelona's Sant Jaume square for a pro-independence rally.Infront of the Catalan government headquarters,...


Protesters burn tyres on streets, confront police, in demo against President Moise.- Video courtesy - RT


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued to engage in combat against forces of ISIS in the embattled city of Deir Ez-Zor.- Video courtesy - RT


Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis explains on 'Fox & Friends.'- Video courtesy - Fox News