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Germany and Austria leaders mark the 80th anniversary of the Kristallnacht, the ‘night of broken glass’ at a Berlin Synagogue…Video courtesy -...


Matt Whitaker is under fire for his association with a Florida company shut down by the government and his criticism of the Mueller...


Dozens of homes have been destroyed as wildfires burn a hole through Los Angeles and Ventura counties.Video courtesy - ABC News


Iran has hit back at the latest round of US sanctions calling on the United Nations to hold Washington accountable for re-imposing sweeping...


The Italian capital remembers the 1943 raid of the Ghetto or Rome as Germany prepares to mark the 80th anniversary of the Kristallnacht.


The president is drawing large and enthusiastic crowds but hours before the polls opened, he cautioned anything can happen on Election Day.Video...


Wages are rising at their fastest pace in nearly a decade, and 250,000 jobs were added in October.Video courtesy - ABC News


NATO has begun its biggest military exercise since the Cold War.


Search and rescue personnel worked through the night to find victims of the Lion Air plane crash in Indonesia, sending 24 body bags to...


The Republican candidate for the US Senate from Michigan John James was at the rostrum in the Deltaplex Arena when a small fire ignited in the...


Guerrilla artist known for his grotesque take on American politicians casts an eye on the Trump Administration.


Inhabitans say neglect is destroying city…Video courtesy - euronews


Identified as Cesar Sayoc, the suspect in mail bomb case has been charged with 5 federal crimes and faces up to 48 years in prison, the...


There is a growing concern over coastal erosion in Portugal. The nation's receding beaches are among the most affected in Europe.


UK Prime MInister appears to see off leadership challenge…. Video courtesy - euronews


The man who's faced accusations he was involved in the murder of the Saudi dissident journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, has made his first public...


'No matter what happens today, I've already won!'Robinson is currently facing a re-trial over the allegations, which prosecutors say jeopardized...


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a speech in the parliament in Ankara in which he commented on the investigation into journalist...


Donald Trump has threatened to build up the United State's nuclear arsenal, until 'people come to their senses'...


The mysterious disappearance and possible murder of a Saudi journalist in Turkey made business executives around the world review their...


Alternative voices online are incensed after Facebook and Twitter closed down hundreds of political media pages ahead of November's crucial...


Aerial footage of the destruction wrought by Hurricane Michael showed numerous blocks of homes demolished, reduced to splintered lumber or mere...


A death row prisoner's request to be executed by the electric chair, rather than lethal injection, has been denied by the US state of Tennessee...


The White House reporter for America's CNN news channel has apologised for homophobic tweets she posted while at college.


Less than two minutes after the US-Russian crew blasted off on their mission to the ISS, the Russian Soyuz booster rocket failed mid-air.


US and Turkey lead call for information on whereabouts…Video courtesy - euronews


The other half of a Russian mystery seems to have been solved - the second man accused of poisoning Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury has...


Leaders from around the world are meeting at the first ever Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in London to find solutions to deal with...


Rural communities have been cut off by broken roads, landslides and crippled communications.…Video courtesy - euronews



Israeli soliders kill 12-year-old boy at Gaza protest…Video courtesy - euronews


Tensions still high between Russia and West over cyber attacks…Video courtesy - euronews


France’s President Emmanuel Macron has been forced to accept the resignation of his former ally Gerard Collomb as Interior Minister - having...


British Prime Minister Theresa May will bring a tumultuous Conservative Party conference to a close with a speech today, in the wake of Boris...


The Saudi Arabian monarchy would fall “within two weeks” if it wasn’t for the military support that the US has provided to the Gulf kingdom over...


The visit has been classed with the highest security level with 5000 police officers on the streets of Berlin.


The passengers and crew of an Air Niugini flight had a lucky escape when their aircraft crashed-landed in a lagoon in the tiny South Pacific...


North Korea was at the heart of the latest UN Security Council meeting.


French President Emmanuel Macron has dubbed Brexit campaign leaders "lairs", saying they misled the British people.…Video courtesy - RT


Here are three key moments from May's Brexit speech following criticism of her Chequers plan from EU leaders…Video courtesy - RT


In a statement on the Brexit negotiations, Donald Tusk said the UK's stance presented just before and during the Salzburg meeting was "...