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Hundreds gathered in Aleppo's Saadallah al-Jabri square on Tuesday, to protest against the US recognition of Israel's sovereignty over the...


Police in Sweden said 5 people sustained injuries when a blast occurred in an industrial suburb northwest of Stockholm.


In a stunning move, prosecutors in Chicago dropped all charges against Smollett on Tuesday despite maintaining Smollett fabricated a street...


Clark, who is best known for prosecuting O.J.


Authorities said on Monday that they have closed 60 crowdfunding campaigns, mostly set up by celebrities, and that donations can only be made...


Scientists at a European research project called CHASSY are determined to replace petrochemicals in our medicines, cosmetics, plastics and fuels...


Slavoj Žižek discusses the arrest of Chelsea Manning and the campaign by the US to arrest Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, Brexit and whether...


Authorities in New York say he allegedly tried to extort up to $25 million from apparel giant Nike; in a separate case in Los Angeles, he has...


China’s President Xi Jinping has arrived in France on the latest stage of his European tour.Video courtesy -euronews (in English)


Today marks the 20th anniversary since NATO started its bombing campaign against the then Yugoslavia.


Sirens blared over central Israel on Monday after a suspected rocket attack from the Gaza Strip.Video courtesy -RT


The Chairman of the House Judiciary, Rep.


Police say the student was found dead Saturday, less than a week after Sydney Aiello took her own life.Video courtesy -ABC News


During the 2017 rehearsal, legendary high wire performer Nik Wallenda and his family were practicing a would-be world record setting 8-person...


Downs was convicted of shooting her three children. One daughter died and her son was paralyzed.


A petition calling for Brexit to be cancelled has now reached over 4 million signatures since Wednesday setting a record for the parliament...


Perhaps one of the most shocking elements of the livestreaming of a mosque massacre by a racist lunatic in New Zealand was just how many people...


Russian prosecutors conducted a week-long expedition in March to re-open a probe in to the mysterious Dyatlov Pass case, 60 years after a group...


US President Donald Trump has said that the time has come for the United States to 'fully recognize' Israel's sovereignty over the disputed...


In an unlikely turn of events, a Guantanamo Bay prisoner sings the praises of his captors and slams the authorities of his native Saudi Arabia....


A bombshell report alleges that a group of American mercenaries illegally traveled to Haiti to help the Caribbean country's President...


Jim Pex, former criminalist with the Oregon State Police Crime Detection Lab, explains how he used dolls and strings to help the 1983...


They were killed "while conducting an operation," according to a statement from NATO.Video courtesy -ABC News


Students at New Zealand's largest Islamic school held a service on Wednesday honouring the 50 people killed during last week's mosque attacks in...


Mozambique’s fourth-largest city, Beira, was hit the hardest by Cyclone Idai when the storm made landfall for a second time on March 14,...


Most of us are taught and believe that we live in a society based on merit and equal justice.


Police say Karina Vetrano was jogging in 2016 when Chanel Lewis sexually assaulted then killed her.


In an emotional, teary speech on her TV talk show, Williams revealed she's struggled with cocaine in the past and "never went to a place to get...


Following the attacks in New Zealand that left 50 dead, members of the media take a look at how crisis reporting could be improved.Video...


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has vowed never to say the name of the alleged author of the Friday shooting, which killed 50 people...


A petrochemical storage facility has caught fire in Deer Park, Texas, sending thick plumes of potentially hazardous smoke into the air.


Garcia has amassed a following of nearly 9 million followers on YouTube alone with her slime-making and DIY videos.


Police say sixth-grade teacher Brittany Zamora allegedly exchanged lewd texts with one of her students and had sex with him in the classroom...


Theresa May’s deal was resoundingly defeated for the second time when brought back last week.Video courtesy -euronews (in English)


'Mind the Pay Gap': Berlin public transit gives 21% discount to women today to raise pay gap awareness.Video courtesy -euronews (in English)...


In an open letter to European leaders, 25 NGOs have accused the Union of trapping refugees in “unsustainable, ineffective and dangerous”...


Hundreds of students attended a vigil in Christchurch for the victims of terrorist attacks on two mosques in the city.


Panathinaikos' home match with Olympiakos was abandoned on Sunday after fans attacked players on the visiting team's bench and clashed with...


US President uses his veto for the first time after 12 Republicans join Democrats to oppose him.Video courtesy -euronews (in English)


People in Christchurch on Saturday continued to pay tributes to the victims of the Al Noor mosque attack, one of two sites targeted during...