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Predecessor resigns through illness…- Video courtesy - euronews


The Sarmat, a recently-unveiled heavy missile set to replace the Soviet-era Voevoda (NATO reporting name Satan), has had its performance...


More than 10,000 troops and 1,000 vehicles are taking part in Russian Strategic Missile Forces exercises in the Urals.


Charges include teaching children extremist and violent interpretations of Islam.


Two passenger planes collided on the tarmac of Ben-Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv on Wednesday, leaving both aircraft stuck together by the tail.


Meanwhile, the situation in Kemerovo today is, for now at least, calmer than the day before - when tensions flared.


Local dwellers bring flowers and soft toys to pay tribute to victims of shopping mall fire that claimed at least 64 lives in Kemerovo, Russia.-...


A look into how Russia’s new weapons affect the arms race and nuclear parity with the US.- Video courtesy - RT


As rescuers continue to search the burned-out shopping mall in the city of Kemerovo, many have been frantically trying to reach their relatives...


Porton Down said the laboratory had the “highest levels” of controls and security.…- Video courtesy - euronews


Tens of thousands of Polish protesters hit the streets on Friday to oppose draft government moves to tighten the country’s abortion laws.…-...


Evidence given by a former Facebook operations manager points to breaches in electoral law, according to Labour MP Jo Stevens.…- Video courtesy...


The suspect serial Austin bomber recorded a "confession" on a cell phone before blowing himself up, but the message gave no clue as to motive...


Russia blame game has extended into areas once considered beyond political point-scoring...


An Uber self-drive car has been involved in an accident in Arizona, which killed a 49-year old woman.


He is being questioned on suspected irregularities in campaign financing, according to a French judicial source.


Former 'Sex and the City' star Cynthia Nixon is running for governor of New York state…- Video courtesy - euronews


Russia has announced it will expel the diplomats and revoke permission for a British consulate in St Petersburg.…- Video courtesy - euronews...


It was an apparent attack on a foreign contractor company but Interior Ministry spokesman, Najib Danesh said all those killed and wounded in the...


According to Syrian Kurdish forces, Turkish troops and allied rebels struck the main town…- Video courtesy - euronews


Richard Engel has an exclusive report for our partners at NBC on a dangerous new conflict within Syria: involving US troops fighting Russian...


Dream vacation destination goes from paradise to hell.


Hundreds participated in the Honen Matsuri Fertility Festival in Komaki, a gathering also known as the 'Penis Festival,' where visitors come to...


UN sounds alarm over critical water situation after a week with no supplies, while Turkey says it is helping civilians leave through a corridor...


The deadline set by Theresa May for Moscow to explain how a Russian nerve agent was used on British soil has expired.


French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire says it's "unacceptable" that Google and Apple unilaterally impose prices and other contractual terms on...


Miscommunication over the landing runway may be to blame for the Kathmandu plane crash that killed at least 49 people.…Video courtesy - euronews...


Just one day after it was revealed that Angela Merkel sends Vladimir Putin bottles of German beer, the chancellor has said that the Russian...


Hundreds of Ultra-Orthodox Jews have blocked roads and clashed with police in Israel, protesting military drafts. Video courtesy - RT


Turkey's military says it has 'neutralised' 3347 YPG fighters, which it describes as terrorists, since its cross-border Afrin operation began in...


China scraps presidential term limits, allowing Xi to rule indefinitely.…- Video courtesy - euronews


But campaigners are outraged that Britain is selling arms to Saudi Arabia while it is waging a brutal war in Yemen.…- Video courtesy - euronews...


The French president's trip to India aims to strengthen trade, defence and political ties…- Video courtesy - euronews


State TV news presenter Kirill Kleimenov said: "The profession of a traitor is one of the most dangerous in the world," and that traitors rarely...


Japan, Canada and nine other countries sign a landmark Asia-Pacific trade agreement without the United States.…- Video courtesy - euronews...


Swedish collection comes to Hollywood to show off the near-misses or downright lost causes of creative capitalism.…- Video courtesy - euronews...


A group of US lawmakers have called for strategic dialogue with Moscow.


Danish Inventor stands accused of murdering journalist Kim Wall in home-made submarine, then violating her body before dismembering it and...


Beijing warns Washington of a "necessary reponse" as tensions over tariffs mount. …- Video courtesy - euronews


Lawmakers in Florida pass a controversial bill moving the state one step closer to gun control reforms.…- Video courtesy - euronews