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Over 2000 service personnel from the Marine Corps and the 11th Army Corps took part in a tactical training exercise at the Khmelevka range in...


Wheels of fire! Night Wolves show off stunts in Sevastopol show.- Video courtesy - RT


ABC News' David Muir reports the stories people are buzzing about.- Video courtesy - ABC News


The mother of the counter-protester killed in Charlottesville sits down with Robin Roberts to provide a message to President Trump.- Video...


Rebecca and Kimberly Yeung are participating in NASA's Eclipse Ballooning project in conjunction with the University of Montana on Aug.


As the manhunt continues, new details emerge suggesting a much more devastating attack was being planned.- Video courtesy - ABC News


Russia's Defense Ministry posted a video showing airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Akerbat, Hama province, in Syria.According to the...


In other events in Iraq, the prime minister has acknowledged that security forces abused prisoners during the operation to oust the ISIS...


A house explosion which occurred in Alcanar Platja on Wednesday night might be related to Thursday afternoon’s Barcelona terrorist attack,...


The Canadian military has been deployed to build tent camps to accommodate a surge in asylum seekers crossing its border.


ISIS claimed responsibility for plowing a van through a crowd in Spain, killing more than a dozen people and injuring 100 others.- Video...


After the hate attacks in Charlottesville, Trump mourned the removal of Confederate statues and monuments.- Video courtesy - ABC News


Giant clouds of grey smoke cloaked the horizon in parts of central Portugal as fast-moving wildfires continue to strain emergency responders.


Despite tensions easing slightly in recent days, a UK-based think tank has warned that Britain should be prepared for a potential war between...


America's envoy to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has signalled that the U.S. is not beyond abandoning the Iran Nuclear deal.


The president takes a defiant stand, blaming "both sides," giving a voice to white nationalists.- Video courtesy - ABC News


This has happened three times in a week, now with a crew member falling ill before takeoff.- Video courtesy - ABC News


Anne Goldman was holding one child in a baby carrier and pushing her other two young children in a stroller when a tree fell on them in New York...


Britain’s new flagship aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth arrived on Wednesday at its home port in southern England to great fanfare.A fleet...


As the Syrian Army advances towards the city of Deir ez-Zor, its residents are counting the days until liberation following years of living...


The President of Iran has warned that his country could pull out of the landmark nuclear deal with the U.S.


Peterson, who was convicted of murdering his wife and their unborn child, breaks his silence in newly released audio in a new A&E series.-...


The president cited that the group did have a permit.- Video courtesy - ABC News


Investigators reveal more about the stunt woman's accident.- Video courtesy - ABC News


Kim Jong Un warns against "extremely dangerous, reckless actions on the Korean Peninsula." - Video courtesy - ABC News


The war of words between the US and North Korea is generating headlines, amid growing fears it could erupt into a real confrontation.


Police used pepper spray and blast balls on rival demonstrations in Seattle on Sunday, just one day after violence broke out in Charlottesville...


The deadly car ramming incident took place in Charlottesville, Virginia when a car plowed through a group of anti-fascist activists who were...


About 80,000 people descended on Sydney's streets on Sunday for the annual City2Surf race, raising around 3.5 million Australian dollars (2.76...


GOP leaders have called on the president to issue a firm condemnation of white supremacist hate groups.- Video courtesy - ABC News


ABC News' Dan Harris sat down with His Holiness and neuroscientist Richard Davidson for his new livestream podcast, "10% Happier."- Video...


Several Republicans pushed back against Trump for not calling out white nationalists who organized the Virginia event.- Video courtesy - ABC...


The crisis in Venezuela could prompt a US military response, President Donald Trump has told reporters.


Ongoing wildfire in Portugal covers almost 140,000 hectares of woodland.- Video courtesy - RT


U.S. officials state "no high alert for U.S. forces, but they are always in a state of preparedness."- Video courtesy - ABC News


A hospital in Exeter, New Hampshire, was partially evacuated Friday after mysterious complaints of nausea and lightheadedness.- Video courtesy...


Video shows the car crashing down, just missing smashing on top of another vehicle.- Video courtesy - ABC News


President Trump said he is "very thankful" Vladimir Putin expelled more than 700 U.S.


Syrian Arab Army attempt to break isis SIEGE IN Deir-Ez-Zoor - Video courtesy - RT


More districts of a small Shia town of Awamiyah in Saudi Arabia have been reduced to rubble by government forces.