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As Trump named Jerusalem the de jure capital of Israel, many Palestinians feel this is emblematic of the West no...


Libya’s migrant population keeps increasing and since Gaddafi’s fall, little rule of law has caused slave markets...


Clashes erupted between Israeli security officers and Palestinian protesters in Ramallah, West Bank, Monday, marking a fifth day of unrest as...


Thousands marched on Beirut's streets on Monday, as part of a Hezbollah-organised rally against US President Donald Trump’s Jerusalem...


The 'Women's Working Department' of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine held a military march in Gaza City, Monday, to show their opposition...


The president says all 16 accusers are lying, while his U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley says they should be heard.- Video courtesy - ABC News


Talia Duff's classmates raised over $55,000 to help find cure for rare progressive disease.- Video courtesy - ABC News


The explosive possibly detonated in a passageway underneath Port Authority, sources said.


A huge blaze has engulfed and destroyed a 16-story wooden tower, known as the tallest of its kind in Asia, after a fire raged through a...


Italy’s biggest oil firm Eni has been accused of dumping tons of toxic waste off the coast of Sicily for decades, and creating a health crisis...


The Alabama Senate candidate has kept a low profile for days, but gave an interview denying accusations against him of sexual misconduct.- Video...


Todd Kohlepp, convicted of murdering seven people, wrote a newspaper saying there are more victims.- Video courtesy - ABC News


Cellphone video and body-cam footage has emerged showing the moment that a man was shot and killed by a Broward Sheriff's Office deputy in...


Homeowners who escaped the Thomas fire return back to their homes to sift through the wreckage.- Video courtesy - ABC News


The banks are empty. Stockpiles of pesos exist but they’re out of reach of the common man.


Sans snow, the rocky streets of Siberia are no place to practice your skiing skills in the summer months.


Time’s person of the year is an accolade that always attracts much clamor in the US.


Artificial intelligence is integrated into our everyday lives, and a growing chorus of criticism is highlighting the dangers of handing control...


The EU has blacklisted 17 countries as offshore states, but it failed to include Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Malta – which act as...


Just as the Syrian war started to show some promise of abating, the violence in Yemen has intensified to a degree that may once again put the...


Bitcoin’s unstoppable bull run continues with the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency beating its own records day after day.


The wildfires threaten several thousand homes in Southern California, where more than 5,000 firefighters are battling the fires.- Video courtesy...


At least 104 people have been injured in the West Bank and Gaza amid protests and clashes after Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital...




The Russian military has announced that Syria has been completely liberated from Islamic State terrorists.


Crowds gather in Ramallah to protest Trump’s ‘Jerusalem decision’ - Video courtesy - ABC News


Vladimir Putin has confirmed that he will seek another term in office in next year’s presidential election. - Video courtesy - RT


Since August, the UN says 625,000 Rohingya have fled northern Rakhine state in Myanmar. - Video courtesy - ABC News


ABC News' Bob Woodruff travels to Yiwu, China, where reportedly two-thirds of the world's Christmas decorations are made.


The largest of the fires has destroyed hundreds of homes and buildings in Ventura County and forced more than 27,000 residents to evacuate.


The Iranian navy has unveiled a surface-to-surface missile-launching warship, dubbed "Separ," in the northern port of Anzali on Tuesday.


New clashes broke out near the West Bank village of Qusra on Monday after a group of Israelis returned to the scene of last week’s deadly...


Pilots of a Mexican airliner lined up to land on the wrong runway, narrowly missing a Delta jet readying for takeoff.- Video courtesy - ABC News...


The International Olympic Committee delivered one of the harshest punishments in sports history after investigators concluded that Russia ran a...


The fast-moving fire has caused at least one death in Ventura County and charred at least 25,000 acres of land, authorities said.- Video...


Trump has fully endorsed Roy Moore as he faces accusations from at least eight women, including one who alleges she dated Moore as a 17-year-old...


Smoke fills the air as fighters from Ansarallah, also known as the Houthis, continue to gain grounds through the Yemeni capital Sanaa from...


The UK government has suspended a foreign aid project in Syria amid allegations that funds are being pocketed by extremists groups.


South Korea and the US launched major combined air-force drills involving hundreds of aircraft from Kunsan Airbase on Monday.- Video courtesy -...