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Despite voting overwhelmingly for Obama in 2012, some Hindus have changed their opinion in a surprising way...


When a man in Trump's camp feared 'taco trucks on every corner' if Latinos came out to vote, the Latino community realized it was their best...


Welcome to Planet Parent. Boys and girls will compete against each other. Who has the most knowledge about baby products? Who is gonna win?


Despite the US housing market crash, the sector is on the up with plenty of new jobs opening up for the budding builder.


More and more women are choosing child birth at home, but is it for everyone?


Here are the three ways to spot counterfeit money straight from Europe's fake money capital and tourism heaven: Italy.


Welcome to Planet Parent. Boys and girls will compete against each other. Who has the most knowledge about baby products? Who is gonna win?


Surviving a flood is only half the battle. Homes that have been flooded must be gutted as soon as possible.


On the 11th of September an estimated 800,000 Catalonians protested on their national day, taking to the streets to rally for freedom.


Bringing over 7000 lives to the world is not an easy task but this 92 year old Italian woman has perfected the art and is still going strong.


Counterfeiting is as old as money but guess which country is Europe's forgery master?


The Dutch MP of Turkish Muslim background rejected shaking hands with the Israeli PM over the bloodshed in Gaza.


When flood waters ravaged Louisiana, the Cajun Navy came to the rescue.


When Musse, a Sudanese refugee, left home at the age of 17 he had no idea that he would end up in Italy and that tomatoes would play an...


The University of Lille is offering scholarships including housing to refugees of Calais' The Jungle.


Amatrice is one of the worst hit towns by Italy's earthquake.


What's in a name? Apparently quite a lot! Research shows the right name can lead you on the path to success. Soon to be parents: take note.


Alan is an A-list star of Wakaliwood, a Uganda film industry, that's getting global attention for action films like you've never imagined.


Susanna Twaite is homeless, but began Wrap the Kids to sew blankets for children in shelters.


After delays, strikes and setbacks London's night tube is just one day from being fully operational.


Rami Adham, a Finnish-Syrian Aid worker smuggles nearly 1000 toys into Syria every few months in an attempt to brighten the lives of the...


This 9-year-old boy spent all of his allowance to buy books for inmates at his hometown's jail in Tennessee, but he ended up giving so much more...


This lake in Spain was polluted as a result of years of mining.


Gema's ex-husband tried to kill her twice. She no longer wants to live in fear.


Another Roma shanty town was evicted in the outskirts of Paris on Thursday.


Following the knife attack in the center of London which killed one and left six injured, what steps should you take to protect yourself in a...


This might be Africa's smallest library but for many kids in Nairobi's slum this tiny place has had a massive impact on their lives.


What can we learn from our grannies maternal experiences?


Progressive parents may be disappointed to hear that it seems traditional gender roles might not play such a large role in determining your...


It doesn't matter if you're Team Trump, Team Hilary or Team moving-to-Canada - we're all a little bit fascinated with the celeb Republican...


Three of Europe's savviest seniors show the world how to be cool over when you're 100 years old.


The preparations for Rio 2016 are going on and one of the most important things is security.


The legendary low-budget invention from Brazil, the Moser lamp has been implemented in more than 350,000 homes worldwide.


The military failed to overthrow Turkish President Erdogan and now there are 265 dead and 6,000 detained. What does this mean for Turkey?


The world watched when a faction of Turkey's military attempted to overthrow the government. But what does it mean?


As France is dealing with the aftermath of the truck attack in Nice, the witnesses slowly come to realize what happened during the night of...


A truck crashed into a celebrating crowd in the French city of Nice and killed over 80 people.


July 15 -- France again was put on a terror footing as a truck drove into a late-night crowd in Nice on the country’s Mediterranean coast,...


Pokemon Go is getting out of control is taking over museums and war memorials.


Theresa May is the UK's new post-Brexit PM. Whilst she may offer some much needed stability, what is she really like?