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Clashes erupted between protesters and police in Santiago on Wednesday as thousands marched through the streets demanding an end to...


A panel of U.S. senators has endorsed a government intelligence report, accusing Russia of meddling in the 2016 presidential election.


A powerful wall of ice burst through iron fences on an embankment in the city of Surgut in western Siberia, as shown in footage shot on Tuesday...


Anger in Canada continues to build concerning the government's lack of action over a self-confessed Islamic State executioner - after he lied to...


About 700 women die each year in the U.S. due to complications from pregnancy or giving birth, according to the CDC, which Dr.


North Korea is threatening to cancel the upcoming meeting between Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump over South Korea-U.S.


A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is launching with the Bangabandhu 1 communications satellite for the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission...


Julian Assange is reportedly facing new limitations that include bans on phone calls and even visitors, according to WikiLeaks, the...


Anti-Israeli demonstrations along the Gaza border are continuing as part of the Palestinians' so-called 'Great March of Return'.


Indonesia's most active volcano, Mount Merapi, erupted early Friday, spewing sand and pyroclastic material and sending an ash column as high as...


For the third Friday in a row, journalists from Spain's state-owned Radio and Television Corporation are dressing in black.


French President Emmanuel Macron will receive the Charlemagne prize on Thursday for "his vision of Europe." But what is the Charlemagne prize?...


Explosions are being heard in the Syrian capital of Damascus amid what appears to be a massive ongoing series of airstrikes launched by Israel...


A single vehicle collision has left firefighters in Poland with a puzzling challenge – how do you clean up the 24 tons of melted chocolate the...


Crowds are taking part in the Immortal Regiment march celebrating Victory Day on May 9, with portraits of relatives or unknown veterans of the...


President Trump tweeted that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is "in the air and on his way back from North Korea with the 3 wonderful gentlemen."...


Nearly 40 structures have been lost under more than 140 acres of lava as the eruption of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano continues.Video courtesy - ABC...


'Kabul is the most dangerous place in the world':  Afghan interpreters face deportation from UK as visas expiration date gets closer.Video...


Annual 10km race through Paris won't be held this year due to high number of homeless people camped along the route.Video courtesy - RT


Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives at his inauguration ceremony at the Kremlin in Moscow using the brand new Russian-made Cortege...


Melania Trump is launching her long-awaited first lady initiative to focus on issues that children confront and she's calling it "BE BEST."Video...


More than 1,700 people have been evacuated near the Kilauea volcano as hot lava continues to flow and high levels of sulfuric gas threaten the...


Trenton McKinley is now recovering at home after being declared brain dead after suffering seven skull fractures in a dune buggy accident.Video...


Ukrainian nationalists captured Brazilian citizen Rafael and brought him to the Security Service of Ukraine building in Kiev on Friday.


The OPCW has published a statement clarifying comments from its own Director-General, who claimed that up to 100 grams of nerve agent were used...


Washington's relations with Pakistan have taken a downturn after it was believed the US had reached an agreement for the release of a doctor who...


American military forces in the African nation of Djibouti are coming under attack from blinding Chinese lasers, according to the Pentagon.


Hundreds have been forced to leave their homes because of lava flows and toxic air quality.Video courtesy - ABC News


Video courtesy - ABC News


Macron concerned the US will u-turn over the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran…Video courtesy - euronews


The leader of the protest movement that has rocked Armenia has called a pause in the campaign of civil disobedience  while he seeks assurances...


As the Syrian war continues, kindhearted souls in the country are making sure the nation's felines are looked after, providing them with tubes...


If you’re a reporter or a computer geek, then Gavin Williamson wants you to help him in the war on fake news.


Next generation politics could spell trouble for Democrats in the US according to recent polls.


Residents from Kansas to Oklahoma to Nebraska were hit by severe weather.Video courtesy - ABC News


According to Syrian State media, Syrian Arab Army (SAA) forces gained the majority of the industrial zone of the al-Qadam neighborhood on Sunday...


Dozens of people celebrated the Konsei Festival in the Osawa hot springs in Hanamaki on Sunday.


Dozens of motorcyclists flocked to the local monastery in the village of Klausen in western Germany on Sunday to receive a blessing before the...


Newly-appointed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called Iran "the greatest sponsor of terrorism in the world," during a press conference in...


Trump has ordered the Department of Homeland Security to better secure the border.Video courtesy - ABC News