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Putin's political opponent, Alexei Navalny, was taken out of the running with a four year old fraud case.


How long will he last? What will our world look like?


Umberto Pasti has created a beautiful botanical hospital in Morocco, and he fights everyday to keep endangered and extinct plants a place to...


Nigerians are sick and tired of a system that doesn't help them, and now they want to show the world exactly what they're dealing with.


An Iraqi translators struggle to get his family to the US after Donald Trump's executive order. Video courtesy - BBC.


Politicians and protesters have had their say on the president's executive order on immigration - now lawyers are getting in on the act.


Israel's parliament has passed a controversial law retroactively legalising almost 4,000 settler homes built on privately-owned Palestinian land...


As many as 13,000 people, most of them civilian opposition supporters, have been executed in secret at a prison in Syria, Amnesty International...


Laura Ingraham and Jay Sekulow sound off on 'Hannity'. Video courtesy - FOX NEWS.


Federal judges grilled Washington state lawyers as they consider whether to lift a nationwide halt of Donald Trump's travel ban against citizens...


House of Commons Speaker John Bercow has said he would be "strongly opposed" to US President Donald Trump addressing the Houses of Parliament...


The protest against a shocking new law that will protect imprisoned officials for misconduct is expected to grow by the hundreds of thousands by...


February 3rd saw a terrorist attack at the iconic Louvre Museum in the heart of Paris that resulted in a soldier being injured.


Vice President Mike Pence has become a defender of President Donald Trump. CNN's Brianna Keilar has more.Video courtesy - CNN.


Romania's government has scrapped a controversial decree that would have shielded many politicians from prosecution for corruption.


After an absence that lasted over three decades, Morocco has decided to rejoin the AU.


Article 522 is the cruel marriage law that twists the knife for rape victims, and women are demanding its end.


Mexico is rioting due to a massive hike in fuel prices.


On the 18th of January, 4 powerful earthquakes with a 5.6 magnitude hit central Italy further triggering an avalanche over 100km away from the...


100-Year-old voter Alyse remains hopeful despite Hillary Clinton's loss and lends her wisdom to women today.


Citizens from around the world sent their own congratulatory messages to the new POTUS, Donald Trump.


America has gone and elected Trump as their new President. We asked 16 people from 16 countries to respond. Includes strong language.


Hillary Clinton supporters cry during the vote count at Clinton's election night rally at the Javits Center in New York.Video courtesy - Civil...


World leaders' worst insults ever hurled at Donald Trump.


The weekend before Election Day, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton traversed the country in a last effort to bring their messages home to voters...


British PM Theresa May addresses India-UK Tech Summit. Video Courtesy - DD News


Uncertified surgeons are performing cesareans in Liberia, for a good cause.


The French government is removing all migrants from Calais' refugee 'Jungle' in an operation from Monday, 24 October 2016 to Wednesday, 26...


Despite voting overwhelmingly for Obama in 2012, some Hindus have changed their opinion in a surprising way...


When a man in Trump's camp feared 'taco trucks on every corner' if Latinos came out to vote, the Latino community realized it was their best...


Welcome to Planet Parent. Boys and girls will compete against each other. Who has the most knowledge about baby products? Who is gonna win?


Despite the US housing market crash, the sector is on the up with plenty of new jobs opening up for the budding builder.


More and more women are choosing child birth at home, but is it for everyone?


Here are the three ways to spot counterfeit money straight from Europe's fake money capital and tourism heaven: Italy.


Welcome to Planet Parent. Boys and girls will compete against each other. Who has the most knowledge about baby products? Who is gonna win?


Surviving a flood is only half the battle. Homes that have been flooded must be gutted as soon as possible.


On the 11th of September an estimated 800,000 Catalonians protested on their national day, taking to the streets to rally for freedom.


Bringing over 7000 lives to the world is not an easy task but this 92 year old Italian woman has perfected the art and is still going strong.


Counterfeiting is as old as money but guess which country is Europe's forgery master?


The Dutch MP of Turkish Muslim background rejected shaking hands with the Israeli PM over the bloodshed in Gaza.