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On the same day the president visited El Paso, Texas, ICE agents raided a food processing plant in Mississippi and detained 680 migrants....


A homeowner spotted Curtis Ray Watson on surveillance camera wearing camouflage overalls, a hat and a backpack; this helped authorities to...


Further investigation into his death reveal that jail guards should have checked on him every 30 minutes, but sources say protocol was not...


A family in New Jersey sold their $1.3 Million dream home at loss after receiving threatening letters in the mail from "The Watcher".Courtsey-...


Worshipers at the Al Noor Islamic Center subdued a gunman and averted what could have been a major tragedy.


In documents related to a defamation case against an Epstein associate, Virginia Roberts Giuffre said she became an underage teen "sex slave"...


He walked into the store in Missouri dressed in body armor and carrying an assault rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition; he was charged with...


Wesley Ryan sold the car to pay for his wife's medical bills; last year, his children saved up their money and got it back for him - but then...


Traffic was backed up for miles as good Samaritans desperately tried to save the life of one victim; police said the murders were likely drug-...


The Briefing Room: Trump on guns, 2020 Dems at Iowa State Fair, Acting DHS head interview.Courtsey-abc NEWS




A suspect is in custody after an attack that left four people dead and two badly wounded following at least three armed robberies, police said....


An entire terminal paused as the remains of a Vietnam veteran, Roy Knight Jr., were brought back home.Courtsey-abc NEWS


Curtis Ray Watson escaped from work detail at the West Tennessee State Penitentiary and is a suspect in the homicide of Debra Johnson, 64, an...


The Briefing Room: Mississippi ICE raids, gun control, 2020 candidates at Iowa State Fair. Courtsey-abc NEWS


Andrea Mackey said the kind gesture that she captured on video confirmed to her that her son, Jeffrey, 6, would always have someone by his side...


Jeremy Ganger, who pushed as many people as he could into the bar as the shootings occurred, came face-to-face with the suspect before the...


They had been accused of killing an American-Australian couple, as well as a college professor; they were found a few miles from a marshland...


The USA Today headquarters was evacuated because of reports of a man with a gun but police determined it was a false alarm.Courtsey-abc NEWS


Briefing Room: Trump visits Dayton and El Paso, shooting investigations, 2020 candidates.Courtsey-abc NEWS


The acclaimed writer behind "Beloved," "The Bluest Eye" and "Song of Solomon" was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama...


Isan Diaz of the Marlins marked his major league debut with a homer during Monday's game against the New York Mets that left his family elated....


Critics said the image from Galveston, Texas, looked straight out of the 1800s; the police chief has apologized to the man publicly.Courtsey-abc...


He allegedly told police during interrogation that he got lost after his 10-hour drive from Allen, Texas, and went to Walmart because he was...


Former girlfriend Adelia Johnson said she ended the relationship after what she called "red flags" such as a fascination with mass murders and...


Law enforcement officials said Patrick Crusius allegedly was looking for a good place to shoot Mexicans and returned to the store armed.Courtsey...


They are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, as well as friends and strangers, fatally shot in two U.S. cities.Courtsey-abc NEWS


Surveillance footage showed people running into the bar to escape; Connor Betts, 24, was carrying 200-round-capacity magazines and allegedly...


The president's speech failed to include a call for stronger gun laws and instead focused on mental health and the internet.Courtsey-abc NEWS...


The Briefing room: El Paso, Texas & Dayton, Ohio mass shootings. Courtsey-abc NEWS


The horrific mass shooting at a shopping center in Texas that killed 20 is now being treated as domestic terrorism.Courtsey-abc NEWS


The president went on social media calling the attack "an act of cowardice," but now his rhetoric is coming under scrutiny.Courtsey-abc NEWS...


Dayton, Ohio shooting: Police give update on overnight shooting.Courtsey-abc NEWS


El Paso shooting witness Glendon Oakley addresses the media.Courtsey-abc NEWS


Saoirse Kennedy Hill, 22, was found dead at the famous Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass., on Thursday, Aug. 1, 2019.Courtsey-abc NEWS


The call came in a little after 2:30 p.m. to the Hyannis Fire Department and the person was taken to Cape Cod Hospital.Courtsey-abc NEWS


Shantell "Shannie" Pooser, 18, who has a respiratory disease and Down syndrome, always wanted to become a flight attendant, and her wish finally...


Residents were jolted awake by the blast and loud roar; authorities said a woman was killed and at least five homes were completely decimated....


The tariffs mean U.S. shoppers could see prices go up on everything from clothing to smartphones to TVs and toys.Courtsey-abc NEWS


Democratic Debate 2019 Night 2 Pre, Post coverage: Watch live analysis of 2nd presidential debate. Courtsey-abc NEWS