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The collapse occurred Monday night and sent a subway car full of passengers plunging toward a busy street below.


Authorities say at least 30 people were aboard a “smuggling vessel.”
Video courtesy - ABC News


ABC News Correspondent Ian Pannell discussed the latest from Afghanistan as the Biden administration prepared to withdraw troops by Sept.


The Taliban is now stronger and more forceful than any other time since they were overthrown.
Video courtesy - ABC News


The joyful religious celebration of a revered second century rabbi turned into one of the country’s worst tragedies.


As Puerto Ricans strive to change the island’s territorial status with the U.S., opinions vary as to what that change should be.


Only 200 lawmakers were allowed to attend President Joe Biden’s first address to Congress.
Video courtesy - ABC News


ABC News’ Powerhouse Political Roundtable team breaks down the precedent set by President Joe Biden’s address.


The State Department is drawing down the number of personnel in the Kabul embassy due to security threats as the U.S.


As the country surpasses 200,000 people dead from coronavirus and battles a crippling oxygen shortage, other countries are stepping in to send...


A U.S.


The Brown family's lawyers released the findings of an independent autopsy showing Andrew Brown was shot five times with a fatal shot to the...


President Joe Biden promised to send critical supplies to India after the country reported 350,000 new cases and 2,700 deaths in 24 hours....


The withdrawal of U.S. troops comes amid peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.
Video courtesy - ABC News


The country has recorded nearly a million cases in just three days.
Video courtesy - ABC News


The submarine that held 53 sailors disappeared near Bali more than 72 hours ago.
Video courtesy - ABC News


ABC News’ Deirdre Bolton discusses what’s behind the record stock market numbers
Video courtesy - ABC News


Details have been released on the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral Saturday.
Video courtesy - ABC News


The independent advisory panel adjourned on Wednesday without voting on a new recommendation on the single-dose vaccine, leaving a pause in...


A quartet of Democratic lawmakers are planning to introduce legislation on Thursday to expand the size of the U.S.


Paul Flores was arrested by the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office for the murder of the college student.


ABC News’ Victor Oquendo with the latest on the La Soufriere volcano and the destruction it’s causing.
Video courtesy - ABC News


While the U.S.


The long dormant La Soufriere Volcano last erupted in April 1979.
Video courtesy - ABC News


Michigan said hospital admissions have increased more than 30% over the past week.
Video courtesy - ABC News


Prime Minister Boris Johnson talks about Prince Philip’s accomplishments and the legacy he will leave behind.


Six people were shot, with one killed, Thursday afternoon at a cabinet-making business in Bryan, Texas, just outside of College Station,...


President Joe Biden announced six actions he'll be taking to address gun violence.
Video courtesy - ABC News



Some experts fear the highly contagious COVID-19 U.K. variant could be the start of a new surge in cases and hospitalizations.


Two people were injured after a shooting near Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland, on Tuesday.
Video courtesy - ABC News


A 10-year-old boy asked a border patrol agent for help after he said was abandoned by the migrant group he was traveling with.


A dozen crew members were stranded on a Dutch cargo ship in stormy weather off the coast of Norway.
Video courtesy - ABC News


ABC News’ Victor Oquendo reports on the ground from Brazil as it faces a surge of new virus cases and deaths amid the rampant spread of a...


Prince Hamzah of Jordan says he’s on house arrest and denies accusations he conspired to overthrow the government.


Capitol Police opened fire after a vehicle tried to break through a barrier.
Video courtesy - ABC News


At least four people are dead, including a child, after "multiple victims" were shot Wednesday in Orange, California, according to authorities....


Reports from Guatemala on the poverty and violence contributing to the mass exodus of migrants to the U.S.
Video courtesy - ABC News


One of the world’s largest ships was finally freed after nearly a week of blocking one of the most important trade routes.


President Joe Biden hit the road this week to explain what's in the $1.9 trillion package.
Video courtesy - ABC News


The family helps generate tourism and business trade in Britain.
Video courtesy - ABC News



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