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ABC News’ Patrick Reevell reports on Russia’s efforts to silence pro-democracy efforts, keeping a tight grip on supporters of imprisoned...


The House passes measures expanding background checks for people acquiring guns.
Video courtesy - ABC News


Denizens Brewing company co-founder and Small Business Administration member Julie Verratti on the challenges businesses have faced in the...


The statement said, in part, that the issues from the interview “will be addressed by the family privately.”
Video courtesy - ABC News


Chauvin, a former police officer, was seen with his knee on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes.
Video courtesy - ABC News


The House will vote on the final bill tomorrow. President Biden plans to sign it later in the week.
Video courtesy - ABC News


The American Rescue Plan is aimed at helping lower-income Americans, small businesses, schools, tourism, as well as state and local governments...


The pope reached out to Iraq’s Shia Muslim community in his historic visit to the country.
Video courtesy - ABC News


Pope Francis is traveling to Iraq on Friday in the country’s first papal visit.
Video courtesy - ABC News


Authorities warned of a possible militia plot to storm the Capitol on March 4.
Video courtesy - ABC News


ABC News’ Patrick Reevell reports on Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine, billions of doses of which have been ordered by more than 50 countries.


Ian Pannell reports from Mosul, Iraq, with the latest on the rockets targeted at an Iraqi base hosting American troops.


The Biden administration said it is trying to dismantle and rebuild from the previous administration's immigration policy.


At least 15 were killed in a crash on Imperial County highway in Southern California.
Video courtesy - ABC News


At least 18 people were reportedly killed in a single day as authorities are allegedly using live rounds against protesters.


Chief meteorologist Ginger Zee has the latest forecast as more dangerous weather sweeps the country.
Video courtesy - ABC News


The one-dose vaccine is being called a game changer.
Video courtesy - ABC News




Two new studies found that the variant is unique, but shared a concerning mutation with the more contagious Brazilian and South African variants...


The military launched two warplanes in eastern Syria, by order of the president, targeting Iranian-backed militias in retaliation for a rocket...


ABC News’ James Longman reports on the E.U.’s slow pace of vaccination
Video courtesy - ABC News


Plus, former President Donald Trump is expected to push false claims during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference this...


During a hearing Tuesday, Pfizer said that it would be doubling the pace of vaccine production.
Video courtesy - ABC News


Emma Coronel, 31, was arrested at Dulles International Airport
Video courtesy - ABC News


An emotional Garland talks about his immigrant family and how he feels an obligation to give back to the U.S. as attorney general.


House Democrats plan to pass President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 relief package including $1,400 relief checks for most Americans.


Officials are scrambling to clear the backlog of vaccination delays around the nation.
Video courtesy - ABC News



Jon Karl interviews White House press secretary Jen Psaki on "This Week."
Video courtesy - ABC News


President Joe Biden laid out U.S. foreign policy in virtual remarks Friday.
Video Courtesy - ABC News




ABC News’ Zohreen Shah reports on the disproportionate toll of the pandemic on Latinos, who make up nearly half of virus deaths in California....


Millions of Texans are still without power and water amid freezing temperatures.
Video Courtesy - ABC News


Former President Trump repeats false election claims as President Joe Biden clarifies his school reopening goals.


The Austin, Texas, mayor speaks on the winter weather emergency and how it is impacting the power grid.
Video courtesy - ABC News


Texas is experiencing some of the coldest temperatures in parts of the state in more than 100 years.
Video courtesy - ABC News


NASA officials gave a briefing on the upcoming Mars rover landing on Thursday.
Video courtesy - ABC News


The U.S. administered 2 million vaccines over the weekend amid new guidance from the CDC on reopening schools safely.


The vote to convict Donald Trump fell short, but it was the most bipartisan impeachment vote in U.S. history.


The Senate acquitted the former president with a vote of 57 guilty and 43 not guilty.
Video courtesy - ABC News


Many states are easing restrictions as the number of cases goes down.
Video courtesy - ABC News



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