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ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports on the nationwide protests taking place in Myanmar in the week since the military detained the country’s...


In Fort Worth, Texas, at least six people were killed and dozens were hospitalized after more than 100 vehicles were involved in a chain-...


During the pandemic, some have turned to the subscription platform and found they could make thousands a month offering a peek into their...


Dangerous cold, snow and ice expected coast to coast through the next week.
Video courtesy - ABC News


Former President Donald Trump is facing a number of ongoing state criminal and civil investigations into his conduct both before and during his...


More details on rollout plans from pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens.
Video courtesy - ABC News


Donald Trump will be the first president to undergo an impeachment trial after leaving office, but opponents of the impeachment say a trial may...


The weekend winter blast brought heavy snow and caused car wrecks along the East Coast, while a deep freeze and subzero temperatures hit the...


President Joe Biden is still working to get a $1.9 trillion relief budget passed through Congress, with reportedly 37% of Republicans on board....


The FDA set a public hearing for Feb.


Vince Golembiowski from Clyde, Ohio, enlisted in the Air Force when he was 17 to fight in the Korean War.


A grand jury came to a decision to charge former Columbus, Ohio, police officer Adam Coy with murder for shooting Andre Hill in December....


Democrats charged former President Donald Trump with whipping supporters “into a frenzy” leading up to Jan. 6.


The orders aim to reform the U.S.


President Vladimir Putin’s staunchest critic was sentenced to more than two and a half years in a Russian prison camp, which sparked mass...


Thousands are without power in at least nine states and parts of New Jersey are buried in 2 1/2 feet of snow.


Amateur traders take aim at some of the most powerful hedge funds and set their sights on new targets after GameStop stock surges.


New York City streets are nearly impassible in the snow. Hundreds of flights have been canceled because of the storm.


The sheriff’s office says the officer was trying to stop the teen from fighting another student.
Video courtesy - ABC News


There are 90 million people on alert as the storm approaches the East Coast.
Video courtesy - ABC News


Younger investors are using online forums like Reddit to swap trading ideas and have spent weeks buying shares in struggling retail companies to...


The decision by RobinHood and other online brokerages to restrict trading in stocks like GameStop on Thursday has triggered a class action...


President Joe Biden signed two executive actions aimed at expanding enrollment for the Affordable Care Act amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and...


ABC News business correspondent Deirdre Bolton discusses the state of the economy right now, plus, how the volatility of GameStop shares is...


President Joe Biden addresses climate change and the White House COVID-19 response team talks about the shortage of vaccines and plans for...


President Joe Biden announced his administration has secured 200 million more COVID-19 vaccine doses, which will arrive this summer.


Senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer discusses the unprecedented trial, and what needs to happen for former President Donald Trump to be...


Opposition leader Alexei Navalny came back to Russia after being poisoned.


Supporters of former President Donald Trump react to President Biden's election win and inauguration and what they think about the future....


More than 2,000 people were arrested as masked riot police confronted tens of thousands of protesters.
Video courtesy - ABC News


After defending the building for weeks, members of the National Guard were forced out of the Capitol and ordered to rest in parking garages....


President Joe Biden will need Congress to help deliver his $2 trillion rescue package for struggling families, but Congress may soon be focused...


President Joe Biden signed his first executive orders on the COVID-19 pandemic, immigration and climate change.


Trump delivers his final speech from Joint Andrews Air Force Base.
Video courtesy - ABC News


Trump spent his last days in office seeking ways to challenge the outcome of the election, culminating in a riot at the Capitol and an...


21,000 National Guardsmen and thousands of federal agents are part of the team keeping Washington, D.C.


Rudy Giuliani says he will not represent President Donald Trump because he could be a witness in the impeachment trial.


Police say two suspects approached and shot Milon Loncar as he was walking his dog.
Video courtesy - ABC News



At least 17 states have reported cases of the highly contagious variant.
Video courtesy - ABC News


ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports on Israel’s fast distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to much of its population, while Palestinians wait for doses...



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