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A 93-year-old D-Day veteran made a flirtatious remark as he met Donald and Melania Trump in southern England. Video courtesy - euronews 


China's President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin take part in the St Petersburg economic forum. Video courtesy - euronews


Spanish MEPs elected last month are not being allowed full access into the parliament.


Raw Politics in full: EU summit fallout and Belgian political divide.  Video courtesy - euronews


The tiny fishing village of Kumzar lies in the northern tip of Oman at the strategic trade artery called the Strait of Hormuz, and as a result,...


Newly appointed Justice Minister Ofir Ohana, Israel's first openly gay cabinet minister, also took part.  Video courtesy - euronews 


Watch: Macron leads France's commemoration for D-Day anniversary.  Video courtesy - euronews 


Charles Puigdemont declared independence from Catalonia and came to Belgium, where he was elected as an MEP.


Hundreds of travel and tourism representatives from around Africa and the Indian Ocean gathered to celebrate the best of the travel industry in...


She broke her hands when she was 80 years old and she was told by doctors that she would never play the piano again.  Video courtesy - euronews...


French president reads the testimony of a 16-year-old French resistance fighter who was executed for helping with the D-Day landings.  Video...


Catch the full episode of Thursday's Raw Politics here.  Video courtesy - euronews


Emotions ran high as world leaders commemorated D-Day in a ceremony marking 75 years since the invasion of Normandy.  Video courtesy - euronews...


Thirteen artists from all over central Asia have met in Uzbekistan's Samarkand, one of the continent's most ancient cities, for an ambitious...


A new report showed that while racial and ethnic minorities make 10 percent of the EU’s population, only 5 percent of those elected into the...


The US Secretary of State sits down with our political editor, Darren McCaffrey, to talk about Iran, Brexit and Huawei in this latest edition of...


The southern Italian city of Matera was appointed the European Capital of Culture 2019 and since then it has greatly boosted the number of...


Where is the line between debate and harassment on social media? .  Video courtesy - euronews


It looks like winter, but it's early June: an exceptional hailstorm sees the streets Puglia, in Southern Italy, covered in several centimetres...


Relations between Europe and the U.S. are “excellent” but current trade terms are “not fair” to America, Mike Pompeo said..


An app that lets people send information in real time to civil protection during natural disasters could improve how we respond to them.


A programme for young people - that helps develop their football skills and give them an international outlook - has broken the world record for...


Brexit, which is now scheduled for October 31, could lead EU citizens studying in the UK to pay international fees and lose their access to...


Police have said in a statement that a 64 year old Ukrainian man has been taken into custody under suspicion of endangering water transport. ...


On the last leg of  his trip to Romania the pope visited the city of Iasi in the province of Moldova.  Video courtesy -  RT


López Obrador, Mexico's president has said he is open to negotiate after President Trump threatened to raise tariffs on the country over illegal...


The MSC Opera rammed into a dock and a tourist boat on a busy Venice canal, reportedly injuring five people.  Video courtesy -  RT


The U.S.


Pompeo began a five-day European trip on Friday with a delayed visit to Berlin, where he was expected to press Germany to boost its military...


Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has called for international action to stop "escalations" in Iran following attacks on Gulf oil assets.  Video...


Business Planet looks at how one European business network is helping small and medium sized firms innovate and succeed overseas.  Video...


More than 67,000 football fans are expected to attend the all-English Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur in Madrid...


Friendship, justice and devotion are some of the pillars on which Football for Friendship, an annual international programme for youths, is...


What is life like for Palestinian children living in the Israeli-controlled part of Hebron?


Christianity in Iraq 'will never die' insists Archbishop of Mosul.  Video courtesy - euronews


With more than 60 million records sold, many awards and now back on stage: the king of swing Michael Bublé is currently on world tour.


Some people at the annual Eurasian Media Forum believe artificial intelligence will cause the next "renaissance of humanity" but others think...


Supporters of Italy's 5-Star Movement took part in a confidence vote over the leadership of Luigi Di Maio, after a bruising defeat in the...


Cancer accounts for 52% of work related deaths annually - what can the EU do to protect its 40 million workers from this.  Video courtesy -...


The funeral for Formula 1 champion Niki Lauda got underway in Vienna on Wednesday, with family, friends and fans in attendance.  Video courtesy...