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With more than 60 million records sold, many awards and now back on stage: the king of swing Michael Bublé is currently on world tour.


Some people at the annual Eurasian Media Forum believe artificial intelligence will cause the next "renaissance of humanity" but others think...


Supporters of Italy's 5-Star Movement took part in a confidence vote over the leadership of Luigi Di Maio, after a bruising defeat in the...


Cancer accounts for 52% of work related deaths annually - what can the EU do to protect its 40 million workers from this.  Video courtesy -...


The funeral for Formula 1 champion Niki Lauda got underway in Vienna on Wednesday, with family, friends and fans in attendance.  Video courtesy...


Kira Marie Peter-Hansen has made history as the youngest MEP ever to be elected.


Former president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, was greeted by cheering supporters and music as he returned from exile to Ukraine on Wednesday...


A damning report into Malta's failure to identify those behind the murder of a journalist has highlighted systematic failings in law enforcement...


EU leaders are in Brussels to weigh in on who should take the top jobs in the bloc. Video courtesy -euronews 


The inevitable horse-trading has begun as candidates vie for top EU jobs including president of the Commission, EU Council and European Central...


At least 55 prisoners have been found dead in four jails in the Brazilian city of Manaus after clashes between rival gangs, authorities said.


A Brazilian indigenous chief called the Brazilian president rubbish during his visit to Lyon. Video courtesy -euronews 


Tensions rose between Serbia and Kosovo after Kosovo's police said they carried out an anti-smuggling operation in a majority Serb region.


Liviu Dragnea, Romania's most powerful politician, sentenced to jail for corruption. Video courtesy - euronews


Click here for live updates on the European elections. We bring you new results and updates just one day after the EU elections.


The UKIP have lost all of their seats in the European Parliament, rendering the future of the party dubious. Video courtesy - euronews


Liviu Dragnea, Romania's most powerful politician, sentenced to jail for corruption.  Video courtesy - euronews


#EUelections2019 | Far-right Jordan Bardella speaks after exit poll win in France. Video courtesy - euronews


Young persons' sporting and cultural programme opens in Moscow. Video courtesy - euronews


The programme aims to encourage youngsters around the world to play football. Video courtesy - euronews


211 countries visited Moscow to take part in the 6th edition of the programme.


Five continents one ball: the sixth edition of the Football for Friendship program, implemented by Gazprom, this year got bigger.


From climate change to immigration - this is what the leading candidates for European Commission president want to do.  Video courtesy -...


Political expert Professor Tim Bale says history will not judge Theresa May kindly.  Video courtesy - euronews


After a meeting with Graham Brady, chairman of the powerful 1922 committee, on Friday morning, the Prime Minister is expected to emerge from...


The US revives sanctions against Cuba, big data becomes ever more valuable and Game Of Thrones fans get a tasty souvenir.  Video courtesy -...


Fayez al Sarraj, Prime minister of Libya's United Nations-backed Government of National Accord, has told Euronews that "foreign interference"...


Undertaker Konstantinos Baboulas hands out coffin-shaped car air fresheners and has campaign posters resembling public funeral announcements.


Britain and the Netherlands head to the polls on Thursday, kicking off four days of elections to the EU parliament.  Video courtesy - euronews...


EU Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas made it clear that Britain's stalled withdrawal deal cannot be changed, so what happens next?  Video...


Under the spotlight at this years Astana Economic Forum are the challenges of ensuring sustainable urban growth in Kazakhstan and across the...


Let the pictures do the talking: subscribe to No Comment channel .  Video courtesy - euronews


Catch the full episode of Wednesday's Raw Politics. Video courtesy -euronews


It took Oktyabrskaya Street five years to go from being an industrial area on the outskirts of Minsk to getting its own tourist map, thanks to...


Insiders looks at how the once-mighty industrial city that suffered during the transition from communism became known as a hub for far-right...


A city councillor in Quebec has picked up her knitting needles to highlight the stark difference in the time female and male councillors speak...


Prominent Brexit supporter and leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom has resigned from British Prime Minister Theresa May's cabinet. ...


The president tweeted "I am strongly Pro-Life, with the three exceptions - Rape, Incest and protecting the life of the mother - the same...


Almost completely confined to a wheelchair, Blake Mompher walked on stage to a loud applause as he accepted his diploma.


Nearly 40 reported tornadoes have been moving across six states since Friday. Video courtesy - ABC News