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Connecting Small, Medium and Large Export
Companies to Buyers Around The World

UITV's Business Channel is Connecting Small, Medium
and Large Export Enterprises to Thousands of Buyers
in Emerging and Developed Countries.

What is UITV?

UITV is a Global Responsive Internet Television Network delivering 13 free channels of full-screen high-definition content, and currently attracting millions of monthly visitors.
In addition to that, the UITV Business Channel is a B2B gateway which has developed as a highly effective marketplace for small and medium export companies and moreover UITV will promote and showcase your brand identity, products and services to huge new emerging markets worldwide.
As an Online Internet Company, we are committed to establishing business links with all developed,emerged and emerging countries worldwide.
UITV is therefore a conduit and promoter of products and services to a world audience of buyers and sellers.
List your export business on UITV
and reach millions of potential buyers across the world
Key Benefits to taking a FREE listing on UITV
  • A listing one of the world's fastest growing online communities, reaching millions of users each month.
  • Thousands of Buyers from around the world are already in our database waiting to connect with your products and services.
  • A unique opportunity to showcase your company on our site through a range of mediums.

Your FREE Listing will include:
  • Your company's own five-page profile in our business platform
  • Pages dedicated to your products and services on our business channel
  • Your corporate video will be aired on UITV's Business Channel
  • Your profile will be highly visible on search engines exposing you to thousands of potential buyers across the world.
  • Boost your Traffic, as your profile links back to your main website and blog.

Buyers and our millions of visitors can see your company’s profiles, products and services on these devices…

UITV can also be accessed via all Internet-enabled devices: Smart TVs, desktops and laptops, plus mobile and new-mediatechnologies such as tablets and smartphones. So anytime and anywhere in the world you have a digital signal, you can access UITV and connect with your social, business or customer networks.



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