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EIC is a multi-channel business dealing with precious metals,fine food, jewellery, hospitality, real estate, publishing, fashion and art. With the huge emotional connect between its brand and the nations it once served The East India Company has already acquired an inspiring following since its re-launch in 2010 and is completely devoted to continue to build its portfolio ofcross-category product and services to consistently deliver surprising, exotic and above all authentic customer experiences.
The Group’s Chairman, Sanjiv Mehta, describes The East India Company as a merchant business with a pioneering spirit, constantly seeking the critical ingredients required for success. He comments, “The East India Company holds limitless opportunities across many products, sectors and countries. We are determined to capitalise on the strong legacy and enviable heritage of our brand”.
In the early 17th century The East India Company was already heavily associated with the export of precious metals from England. The Company was unable to trade goods of European production due to a lack of demand for the heavy English woollen cloth and other European goods in the Asian markets. Consequenltly the English merchants had to pay for their imports with silver and gold. The East India Company became one of the two largest bullion traders of their time, the other one being the ‘Baltic Traders’. In 1677 Charles II granted The East India Company the right to mint its own coins in the territories it adopted. From 1716 to 1835, the Company established 14 mints across India, including Bombay, Calcutta and Madras.
Today The East India Company issues a select range of precious metal coins typically part of a ‘Limited Edition’ such as the coin issue released for Sachin Tendulkar as a mark of honour and in celebration of his outstanding achievements and lengthy career as the World’s Greatest Batsman.

LONDON, ENGLAND,  6thMay 2014
The East India Company announces the issue of a legal tender coin to celebrate the 200th and final Test Game of The World’s Greatest Batsman, Sachin Tendulkar, and with that a remarkable career spanning over two decades.
The issue of a ‘legal tender’ coin is a mark of distinction. A legal tender coin issued by the British Commonwealth bearing the Queen’s effigy is an exceptional high honour given to very few Commonwealth Citizens who have accomplished great achievements in human history.
For almost a quarter of a century, Sachin Tendulkar, the undoubted Global Ambassador of International Cricket, has inspired new talent and supporters alike across the Commonwealth and beyond. He now joins the ranks of ‘Sporting Icons’ such as Mohammed Ali and Nigel Mansell, who are amongst the few who have been honoured with the issue of a legal tender coin. Immortalised for generations to come, this legal tender coin issue is a reminder of what Sachin Tendulkar has achieved due to his unfaltering faith and sheer determination.
The coin design has been hand crafted in great detail, struck in 24 carat gold (9.999 Au) and finished to the highest standard known in coin minting. Only two-hundred gold coins, each weighing 200g, are being issued to pay tribute to Tendulkar. Each of these rare coins is sold as part of an exclusive presentation together with a minature cricket bat signed by Sachin Tendulkar and an individually numbered certificate of authenticity. In the spirit of the occasion a donation will be generated by every coin sold to support SPREADING HAPPINESS.
In addition a 1oz gold coin (9.999Au) will be released to hail ‘The World’s Greatest Batsman’ with a ‘Limited Edition’ of only 1,000 pieces presented with a certificate of authenticity.
Commenting on the launch of the Sachin Tendulkar coin issue Sanjiv Mehta, Managing Director and Chairman of The East India Company, said: “Historically, precious metal formed an important part of The Company’s trading activities. We have been issuing our own gold and silver coins for centuries and began to do so again in 2010. EIC originally introduced Cricket to the Commonwealth, then the British Empire, and it made immense sense for us to issue a coin for this special occasion.
We feel honoured to have been given the opportunity to pay tribute to one of the greatest Cricket Players of all time.”
The 200g Gold coin is exclusively available for pre-order at www.eicgold.com . The 1oz Gold Coin can be pre-ordered at www.eicgold.com and will be available via EIC’s international coin distribution network.

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