What is the best Philips Norelco Shaver

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    It tough to choose among electronic and manual razors for Shaving. Both have their advantages and disadvantages over one another. We are discussing benefits of using either one to help you out.
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     Benefits of Using Electronic Shaver
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     You can avoid burns caused by Razors, especially in case of Sensitive skin
     Electronic Shavers are comparatively costlier. If you are looking for cheap ones then be ready for tough time.
     Electronic Shavers take less time in comparison to Manual razor shaving.

     They cut down the cost and efforts of using shaving creams, water or other after shaving gels.

     With them you are on the safer side as Electronic shavers prevent any kind of cuts.

     Their blades life is longer than that of Manual Razors hence they need not to be replaced after every 4 ?5 shaves.

     Electronic shavers are now available in far more compatible sizes, making them easy to carry on trips.

     New designs are far easier to handle and light weight hence Provide greater control.

     Benefits of Using Manual Razors

     Razors will provide a very Smooth shave, way smoother than Shavers
     Comparatively Razors are Cheap and you can change the blades more often
     They are compatible and very easy to carry along with, while in case of Electronic Shavers you need battery or power supply with you.

     These razors are very easy to clean and Carry.

     Their affect last for comparatively longer period of time.

     Although Manual razors are difficult to use initially but with practice you can avoid small cuts and burns to get a very smooth shave.

     Manual Razors are not loud, heavy and expensive in comparison to Electronic Shavers.

     These Razors can easily be used in wet conditions; you can use them in showers easily.

     In case you want to keep some portion of breed and remove other than go for Manual razors, as they provide better control then others.

     At the end it up to you, which one you choose. Practice will make you master with both the forms and with time you will start avoiding any cuts or burns. There are many products to choose from so choose wisely keeping your Skin sensitivity and requirements in mind.