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Choosing The Right Wine Packaging

  • Whether you are a vineyard or are on vacation and want to send some bottles of wine home, it's important to consider the wine packaging that you will use. There are many kinds of wine shipping boxes that are available based on the construction used as well as how many bottles that will fit at a time.

    The bottles of wine weigh plenty on their own, so it's important to be able to pack the wine into wine boxes without adding too much additional weight. Otherwise, shipping costs will be outrageous and that will have an impact on how much wine will actually be purchased. It's also important that the bottles of wine do not touch each other to avoid breaking during the shipment.

    Many of the wine packagings will focus on a cardboard box with an insert that will be custom fitted. The insert can be made of cardboard or Styrofoam. Cardboard will often be designed very lightweight and will have supports that allow for various shapes of the bottle. This design will usually allow for the bottle to lie on its side during shipment.

    The other type of insert for the inside of the wines boxes is Styrofoam. These are designed so that the wine will stand vertically inside the box. Because the styrofoam is already cut and will not allow for the same flexibility as cardboard, these will be for standard size wine bottles only. If the bottle is longer or wider than a standard bottle, it will likely not fit inside of the Styrofoam insert.

    There are other ways to ship a bottle of wine, however, wine packaging with inserts designed for wine bottles work best. This is because the inserts will protect the glass bottle against impact. Shipping companies are not always gentle with boxes despite them being marked fragile. To ensure that your Cabernets and Chardonnays make it in one piece, wine shipping boxes will be the best choice to visit site.

    Once you have decided upon the kind of packaging that you will use, the amount of wine being shipped per box will need to be considered. It is possible to ship as many as a dozen bottles of wine at one time. Usually the Styrofoam inserts will better allow for this, however, there are cardboard ones available. If you plan on shipping a considerable distance, Styrofoam will be the best solution for your wine shipping box. This is because the extra cushion will also prevent the wine from getting too hot.

    When you are looking for wine shipping boxes, you will need to consider all of the various options so that you get your wine shipped safely. If you are only shipping two bottles versus a dozen bottles, you will be able to find wine boxes that are specifically made for the various quantities. If you are a vineyard, it's important to have several different sizes available to your customers so that they can buy as little or as much wine from you as possible and know that they have a way of getting it home safely.

    Wine boxes can be purchased online as well as in shipping stores. Each of the various types will have different prices associated with them. While the Styrofoam ones will be more expensive, they offer the extra cushion that many people look forward to. If your bottles are oddly shaped, however, cardboard may be your only solution. You will want to weigh the pros and cons and select the boxes that fit your needs best.