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Need to Hire a Fire Watch Guard? Send Out Adverts Through a TV

  • Without the Fire Watch Guard team, your 24 Hour Fire Watch will not be able to survive.  Who will provide the Fire Watch Security services to your clients if you do not have the Security Guard Fire Watch? Just one Fire Watch Security Guard missing from your payroll will have adverse effects on your 24 Hour Fire Watch business.  You need to go through the recruitment and hiring process.  And you need to do it fast or you will lose valuable clients.

    Fire Watch Guard Job Description

    The recruitment and hiring process usually starts with a job description for the open position.  The job description will be your guide as you go through the process of choosing the best candidate for the Fire Watch Security Guard position.

    Preparing the job description is not difficult, especially if you focus on detailing the duties and responsibilities of the open position.  To help you get started, here’s a list of the major Fire Watch Guard tasks:

    • As the title connotes, a Security Guard Fire Watch has the main responsibility of watching over the premises to ensure that Fire Watch Security measures are carried out. While on watch, the Fire Watch Security Guard must keep a log of what’s happening while on duty.

    • In case of emergencies, the Fire Watch Guard must notify the fire department and the occupants of the building without delay. A quick response is crucial in this case.

    • While on watch, the Security Guard Fire Watch must perform all Fire Watch Security measures to prevent the fire from happening. If a small fire occurs, a Fire Watch Security Guard is responsible for extinguishing the fire.

    Publishing the Job Advert

    Once the Fire Watch Security Guard job description is finalized, the next step is to advertise.  Prepare a short but catchy job advert based on the job description and use as many advertising mediums that you can afford. 

    Posting the job advert on your 24 Hour Fire Watch website is a good recruitment strategy.  Advertising on job boards and social media can also bring your applicants. Newspapers ads may not be as popular because of the internet but they still work. A great advertising medium though is global TV.  TV is still very popular among many people.  The reach of global TV is huge, and you are likely to get many applicants for Fire Watch Security Guard position. Online global TV has increased this reach even more. 

    Whatever advertising medium you use, the important thing to remember is you have a recruitment policy and procedure that will give you the best Security Guard Fire Watch.  Without a recruitment process, job adverts will be useless.