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Tips for Handling Synthetic Urine

  • Note that synthetic urine refers to an artificial substance which is manufactured in the lab and has the purpose of mimicking normal human urine. In this, note that the constituents of most synthetic urine kits include ammonia, uric acid, urea, and creatinine. As companies become more stiff while conducting drug tests, you should be aware of the right way of handling your sample. This is to prevent the chances of negative outcomes due to negligence.

    Tips to help you include:

    • Proper Storage- For best results when using a synthetic urine sample, ensure that you follow the instructions of storage. Most brands in the market will take time to write down instructions to guide you in storing your sample. Bad storage practices can lead to spoilt samples, and you would not want to be asked to provide new samples in the drug test. The basics of storage state that the container that has the sample should be kept both airtight and sterile. Besides, if you are not using the urine right after mixing it, you are advised to store it in the refrigerator. This is because keeping your sample at room temperature will render it unfit for testing.

    • Authenticity - In determining the authenticity of samples submitted, most labs will check components such as the temperature, color and even smell. As such, if your sample has a foul smell or shows an orange color, it means that you should expect a spoilt sample or positive results in drug tests. The authenticity of the synthetic urine will lie in how you store it. The right temperature is between 94 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This resembles normal human urine samples. Luckily, there are many strategies to ensure that the temperature is maintained. First, you can go with hand warmers. These are readily available in physical stores, and even online; hence you should not have a problem acquiring them. Make sure to use warmers that will reach the required temperatures. Another technique would be to utilize your body. In this, you should put the synthetic urine in a sealed bag and then place it on your body. This ensures that the sample is warmed up to the right temperature. A better alternative is to use a microwave. If this is available in your workplace, ensure you utilize it to heat your sample before attending to the test.

    • Shelf Life- Just like in authenticity, note that your storage practices determine the shelf life of synthetic urine. However, note that numerous brands allow their samples to stay for long periods without going bad. You are advised in this case to avoid exposing the samples to direct sunlight as this might mess up the pH composition and consequently lead to faster expiry. Normally, a sample can stay pure for approximately 2 years. You can, therefore, buy a kit and keep it for rainy days. If you are curious to know more about synthetic urine, visit here.