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Wholesale Distributors: What is the Difference Between a Distri

  • What are wholesale distributors? Better yet, what is the difference and similarities between a wholesaler and a distributor? These simple terms can make it quite daunting to decipher which you should choose to purchase from. But, never fear- we have the gist for you and after reading this short article, you will totally understand everything you need to know more about wholesalers and distributors and both combined.

    The Distributor

    The distributors are the ones that serve as a liason’ for manufacturers of goods & supplies. Some Manufacturers do both as they manufacture and distribute their own merchandise. Distributing agents communicate with wholesalers about purchases of their products in bulk. Distributors DO NOT often associate, communicate or deal with consumers directly. Distributors is also a fancy name that is equally defined the same as, “suppliers.”

    The Wholesaler

    Once the distributor either self-manufactures the products or becomes in possession of the products - they offer the products through the market to the wholesaler(s). Wholesalers buy & sell the products they offer in bulk-form. It is very uncommon for the wholesaler to go direct to the manufacturer for purchases of their goods & merchandise.

    The supply chain is as follows: Manufacturer- distributor- wholesaler-retailer-consumer.

    What Are Wholesale Distributors?

    Wholesale Distributors are companies that are or are not manufacturers of products:

    1. That are certified to handle wholesale product shipments in lieu of the manufacturer of the products.

    2. That possess their very own distribution center or warehouse in their facilities by which they directly ship merchandise & goods to the retailer/consumer.

    How to Find Wholesale Distributors?

    The best way to find a viable wholesale distributor is to perform a search on Google. You can use keywords such as “distributor of wholesale goods” or “wholesaler.” Depending on your specific product genre, you will want to search for specific products that the wholesaler may offer to consumers. In addition, check out each one listed in the search and look over the wholesaler’s reputation, reviews from consumers, and peruse the features that they offer their patrons. You can lean down your choices by weeding out the vendors and distributors that are not reputable with their avid consumers. But do use price comparisons and price-match wholesalers that will give you the best deals & steals!

    Bottom Line: Find & Choose What Works Best for Your Business

    If you conduct enough hard-research and you shop wisely for a wholesaler distributor, then you should not undergo many issues. Just remember that starting up is the most difficult task, once you have chosen your wholesale distributors - your relationship with the vendors will go smoothly and you will better understand how to work with them to reap profits off the goods you sell.