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Trends and New Concepts in Personal Training

  • Personal training with regards to fitness or even weight loss has been on the rise in the recent past. In this, advancements in technology seem to be playing a huge role in that newer tools of training are being invented and at the same time concepts such as mobile personal training has been made possible. This article therefore looks at some of the trends in this field and how they are positively impacting stakeholders.

    • Wearable Technology and Group Training- Players in the fitness sector have been able to come up with tools such as heart monitors, fitness trackers, and smartwatches. These tools are wearable and they help in monitoring your personal fitness. Besides, some give you the ability to sync with your personal trainer and hence they can keep track of your progress. On the other hand, group training has been on the rise as more people become aware of personal fitness. It is a common theme to see groups in public parks training under the guidance of personal trainers. Group training helps those that are new in fitness and may want to establish some network in achieving their goals.

    • High-Intensity Interval Training- HIIT involves short periods of high-intensity bouts of exercise which is then followed by short periods of rest. In podaima performance, for instance, individuals get to exercise at least twice a week with the help of a personal trainer. The results of HIIT are quick yet efficient workouts. These are also ideal for your weight loss goals.

    • Programs for Older Adults- Older adults do not find time to work out as they are held up by work. However, personal trainers are coming up with flexible programs that fit these individuals. In podaima performance, there is a rigid program that serves individuals that are over the age of 40. They are able to work and at the same time engage in fitness programs.

    • Bodyweight Training and Yoga- This is ideal for weight loss as it gets you to sweating. Recent concepts involve DIY equipment which is highly convenient and flexible. They also work perfectly and you are bound to achieve your weight loss goals in no time. The ancient practice of yoga is also taking root and come in different forms. Most personal trainers have much knowledge on this and will be willing to offer it in their packages. The yoga practice is also ideal with the elderly as it largely involves meditation.

    • Certified Fitness Professionals- Fitness professionals are on the rise and they are playing a huge role in giving tailored guidance and accountability to those that want to reach their fitness goals. Ensure you engage with a personal trainer who is adequately certified and understands your motivations. Go on for finding the best personal trainer for you that provide you the beneficial tips and diet for your weight loss goals.

    The above trends are shaping up the health and fitness industry in a great way. Ensure to try one of these so as to accomplish your fitness goals.