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NFL Insiders Predict: Kaepernick's future

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    So he did with a rather terse opening statement:


    For their part, the Chiefs don’t like to talk much about their successes against Carr, much less even acknowledge it.


    Who will Colin Kaepernick be playing for next season?Matt Bowen, NFL writer: 49ers. Even after Kaepernick's dismal performance this past Sunday in the loss to the Bears, Chip Kelly's system is still the best fit for the quarterback. Given the designed run schemes and the route tree in San Francisco, Kaepernick has shown the ability to produce under Kelly's coaching. And although he should draw some interest on the market, re-signing with the 49ers is the best option here.

    Apparently, doing what you're supposed to do doesn't seem to explain the situation, set of circumstances. So I'm going to address this one last time. OK? Again, I made a decision based on rules. Treat everybody the same. The reason you do it, especially when you're having a tough season, is because if you don't, chaos, it can consume your football team. The idea was to do the right thing, treat everybody the same. I've done it before where I've had to treat people the same, and that's all I've done. That's the end of it. Please, as a football team, we would like to move forward and start focusing on the San Diego Chargers. So I'm going to ask you not to start asking questions [about it]. I'm going to talk about the Chargers, I'm going to talk about our football team going forward. Thank you.

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    "If we go three-and-out and punt, you guys are, ‘Oh, he missed the first three [plays]. It's not a big deal,' " Anderson said. "But it's a turnover, and you guys have turned into something way bigger than what it is."

    Shortly after Anderson spoke, the media portion of open locker room was shut down earlier than normal so Newton could speak.KC Joyner, NFL writer: San Francisco, if for no other reason than  where else are they going to go for a quarterback. ESPN NFL draft analyst Todd McShay says the 2017 quarterback draft class, "is as bad a quarterback class as, I can remember," and there is an incredibly thin 2017 free-agent quarterback roster. Kaepernick might be more valuable to the 49ers than he would be to any other team.

    Case for Elliott: No team runs the ball on a higher percentage of its plays than the Cowboys do, which means the run game is more important for Dallas than it is for wholesale NFL jerseys any other team in the league. Elliott leads the league in rushing yards by 242 and in runs of 20 or more yards. He stays on the field on third downs and blocks or catches the ball if need be. He is the Dallas offense.

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