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  • Experience Your Finest Holiday with Villas in Antigua

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    Who wouldn’t want a holiday in the Caribbean? Antigua, in particular, is a beauty by itself. Some call it the archetypal Caribbean paradise. With its turquoise waters, white sands, and lush greenery, there would be no better description. You would imagine that the sea, sun, and the sand would be good enough for a week or two of your vacation, but there is so much more than that.

    For a start, there is a rich history to the island. Given its prominence as a former British settlement, relics of its past colonial era add flavor to its allure. The Nelson’s Dockyard is one such site that will appeal to you. Moreover, with the candy-colored villages, towns filled with lively local businesses and friendly islanders, Antigua has become a hub of Caribbean culture.

    Getting to Antigua is not a problem with VC Bird International Airport, which is 5 miles from St. John’s City. The airport takes direct flights from across the United States and Europe. As with different places, knowing what time of the year to make that trip would be a good plus. Consider winter when the daytime temperatures are at an average of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This is anytime between mid-December and mid-April. The worst time to make that trip would be anywhere between August and October due to the high humidity and the hurricanes, which are a real possibility.

    You know you want to pack up a little more for an Antigua vacation because of the many goodies you cannot afford to miss. Therefore, it could be wise getting a good place to stay that will offer you comfort. Villas in Antigua are the epitome of luxury and comfort.

    Sites to enjoy in an Antigua Vacation

    There is no better-informed vacation than that which details the extent of fun that is realistically possible for your destination. As you plan for that trip, here are a few sites that you may want to consider experiencing while in Antigua.

    A Barbuda day trip

    Barbuda is a sister island to Antigua, lying 30 miles north. While it holds a population of 1500, which is way smaller than the 80,000 that Antigua carries, it’s not necessarily significantly smaller in size. This simply gives the island a rustic feel. Outside the island’s only town – Codrington lies its main attractions; a large lagoon and magnificent sandy beaches. The lagoon is famous for the unusual frigate birds that nest there. For a day trip, this works perfectly given it’s accessible in 90 minutes through the Barbuda Express catamaran service.

    The Islander’s Capital – St. John’s

    St. John is Antigua’s capital, which makes up for its culture. After getting the lush experience of the villas in Antigua, maybe your next stop should be their restaurants and bars. Real Antiguan taste will have you spoilt for choice, including a serenade of the island’s typical music played by live bands. From a historical perspective, the architecture of the city paints a perfect colonial picture of the dominant slave trade that existed. Another site is the relic of St. John the Divine, a cathedral that had to be rebuilt twice following its hit by earthquakes.

    More of Antigua’s rich history

    The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda offers a haven for Caribbean history, especially when it comes to slavery. Here, you can be sure to get the right people to help you explore the topic with great sensitivity. While Antigua and Barbuda are presently independent states within Commonwealth, for hundreds of years, the island was a British colony, from the 17th century when Antigua was transformed into a profitable sugar producer by the British settlers. When it comes to historical sites in the island, the Nelson’s Dockyard tops the list. It did receive status by Unesco World Heritage in 2016. Its name originates from Horatio Nelson, a decorated British naval officer, who played a chief role in the development of Antigua.

    Why nest away in a villa

    This is barely enough of what Antigua has to offer. Not to mention a dive into the Caribbean Sea and a whole whirl of watersports. Antigua is a fine stop for not just a week’s vacation but more than that. Getting a villa means you can take your time and enjoy the island without feeling rushed or having to worry about your freedom. Villas offer the privacy and freedom you need, allowing you to experience comfort in a luxurious way.