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  • Going through Struggling Relationship- Check These 5 Saving Hacks

    Posted by David Jones July 11, 2019 - 69 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #relationship counselling  #Struggling Relationship 
    All relationship goes through various phases; there will be useful as well as bad times. When you find that your relationship is in the rough stage, think. Indeed, the great relationship does not happen from only luck. The relationship is like a plant; it will not grow by own. You have to water it, nurture and take care of it. No matter whether your relationship is just 1-3 months old or it has already crossed 6 years, you must protect it from your heart. Being in a relationship does not mean that you have power over your partner or vice versa. Both should be compatible with each other.

    Here Are Some of the Effective Tips That Will Strengthen Your Relationship-

    Keep Your Relationship on Top Priority

    The relationship is like living creatures, they are either growing or either dying. The choice is yours how you want to experience. Relationship generally grows and flourishes when you invest and nurture it. When you are struggling with a relationship, you might neglect the cause and keep on moving apart. To strengthen or fix your struggling relationship, you must make it on top of the priority list.

    Do Not Make Bad Comments, Insults or Harsh Remarks

    The words you use can damage your relationship or hurt your partner. So, while you are in a struggling phase, no matter how bad you feel, you should not make bad comments, insult or make harsh comments to each other. Love is all about respect and caring. Though you are going through a struggling relationship, you should keep calm and maintain decency.

    Do Not Play the Blame Game

    This is the game where no one wins or no one loss. No matter how much you are successful in blaming others for all the problems created in the relationship, you can feel that all the problems are coming towards you. The healthy way is to stop transforming the problems and take the right steps so that the relationship can come in the straight track again.

    Focus on the Qualities You Love and Respect in Your Partner

    Think about the reasons why that person has become close to you or why you have started to love that person. Before neglecting the person or blaming him or her, you must focus on the qualities you love or respect in your partner. Close your eyes and hold these moments in your heart. Feel that charm, respect, and pride again that you once felt for that person. Revitalize the moments again and it will help you to strengthen the relationship.

    Ask your partner to share

    One of the problems faced by couples is that they stop sharing their thoughts and feelings. If the problems are not discussed in the right manner with your partner, there will be certainly a gap created between the two.

    These are 5 simple hacks you should follow when you want to strengthen your struggling relationship. Discuss and try to solve the issues. Or else, you can consult with a professional offering relationship counselling east Melbourne or other location providing the best services.