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Our first package is a free service where we promote and advertise your profile or your entity on our site worldwide.

1. Your company or your own unique 5-page profile
2. A limited space to display pictures detailing your products and services
3. A professional platform for promotional video footage of your company, products and services
4. Millions of UITV's visitors are exposed to your company and brand, thus creating interest from many potential customers amongst our millions of users each month
5. Your company gets a continuous global advert on our online network.
6. Advertise your particular expertise

This is a sample of how we will build your mini-website for free!
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UITV offers everyone the opportunity to work from home or anywhere. Sit on the beach with your laptop or work from your bed. You can work from anywhere. We also offer you the freedom to do the type of jobs you enjoy: Refer friends, writing articles, producing videos, photography, mobile phone app developers, computer developers, introducing buyers and sellers for B2B and B2C companies, doing paid surveys and other jobs whenever you want.

1.Refer friends
2. Writing articles
3. Producing videos
4. Photography
5. Mobile Apps
6. Computer developers
7.Refer B2B and B2C customers
8.Doing paid survey
9. Advertising and marketing
10.Tele sales and telemarketing.. WORKING FROM HOME
For other Tasks: contact us.see below for details..

We are advertising you for free!

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Pick your task and start earning money!
Your Earnings xx.xx RS
Writing articles xx.xx RS
Refer a Friend 2 Friends xx.xx RS
Producing videos   xx.xx RS
Photography   xx.xx RS
Surveys   xx.xx RS
Refer B2B and B2C customers   xx.xx RS
Other Tasks   xx.xx RS
Total xx.xx RS