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Île Sainte-Marie, pleasure in all possible angles

Île Sainte-Marie island, Madagascar

Ambodifotatra, Oct 15 (UITV) - Nosy Boraha, popularly known as Île Sainte-Marie by travellers is an island off the east coast of Madagascar. It is one of the top most tourist places in Madagascar.
Île Sainte-Marie provides a great satisfaction to tourists with its all nature wonders. People would love to spend more time on the island.

Hotel in Île Sainte-Marie

The shore is lined with a great variety of hotels and resorts which offer salient services to tourists.

Humpback whales

From July and August, the number of tourists will be more because humpback whales migrate to the area annually for mating and giving birth. Nature lovers will enjoy the most.


Snorkelling and scuba diving are superb activities which are offered by coral reefs offshore.

Local people

The way of living by local people will surely impress tourists; physical appearance of local people has not changed much since the old days.

Coconut palms in beach
Numerous deserted beaches show off a fringe of coconut palms and luscious vegetation, and intriguing inland villages make the perfect place to explore.

Hiking trail

Hiking is one of the unique ways to experience the incredible nature of Île Sainte-Marie.

Ile St Marie provides fascination as a former pirate haven

Island has the fascinating history of pirates. In the 17th and 18th Centuries, it’s said that up to 1000 pirates called the Island their home.
Finally, it is superb and beautiful island which offer pleasure in all possible angles.
By Adithya Dithu

Video Courtesy - sergemarizy (Youtube)