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‘I would’ve voted for Donald Trump ... he is a blessing in disguise’ said by Muslim !

Adeel Malik,(A good personality can be seen in above photograph)

Hong Kong, March 18 (UITV)- Adeel Malik,Who is a Pakistani British Chinese teacher, born and bred in Hong Kong.

He has position at public Christian school in the city,he has set up the Muslim Council of Hong Kong as an independent body, separate from the Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong, which is an umbrella group for the city’s six mosques.

Following the Paris attacks in 2015, he handed out “letters of peace” in Tsim Sha Tsui,He suggested people of all faiths to stand strong against ISIS and also told that Muslim groups should not be expected to condemn every terror attack carried out in the name of Islam.

US President Donald Trump has attracted a lot of criticism for what many have termed a “Muslim ban” on citizens from certain nations entering the US. What are your thoughts on this?

His answer is,.
When the election race was going on, Muslims heard about the policies of Trump and Clinton and they were divided. For me, it was like choosing the lesser evil. I thought, I would rather choose someone who was in my face, whatever he is in the heart, rather than have someone who is a deceiver. With that mentality, I said “let’s have Trump”. We felt, at least he is telling us what he’s going to do and we can plan accordingly. We felt Hilary was a woman standing behind a curtain and you just don’t know what she was going to do; we felt that was more dangerous. With that mindset in play, whatever Trump is throwing at us, we are reacting back to it. The ban is not nice, it is marginalising people and it is xenophobic.
But for us, what we hold is that there is a verse in the Quran which says “they plan and plot, and God plans too, and verify he is the best of planners”.
As Muslims we do get upset, and that is natural, but we feel this is a decree of God, that Trump is there. But we need to fight it of course, the mirror of the community is the leader. Sometimes you need a bad carrot to bring people together; he is like a blessing in disguise.