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“Boy and the World” will release in India soon

“Boy and the World”

Mumbai, Feb 6 (UITV/IANS): The Oscar-nominated Brazilian animation feature film "Boy and the World" will release in India on Friday.

Sunil Thakor Doshi's Alliance Media will distribute the film in the country.

"The visually thrilling film, backed up with a refreshingly different storyline, will enthral younger viewers while resonating deeply with adults," Doshi said in a statement.

Earlier, Doshi released Asghar Farhadi's acclaimed film "The Salesman" in India. He has also produced Indian films like "Lovesongs: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow", "Bheja Fry", "Mixed Doubles" and "The Waiting Room".

Written and directed by Ale Abreu, the film was nominated for the 88th Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature. The film was created using a mix of drawing, painting and digital animation.

"Boy and the World" is about a little boy, Cuca, who goes on an adventurous quest in search of his father and discovers a fantastic world dominated by animal-machines and strange beings. The film talks about the issues of the modern world through the eyes of little Cuca.

The film is being released in select theatres in Mumbai and Bengaluru initially and will open in other centres steadily. A detailed school contract programme is being set in motion to get school children to watch this film along with their parents.