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“Must Visit Food Region”, Margaret River, Australia

Margaret River

AUSTRALIA, FEB 20, (UITV): Margaret River is that the renowned surfing location and wine region of the South West of Western Australia with over 135 wineries within the area serving a spread of red and wine , making up three percent of Australia’s grape production.

Named within the late 1830s after early settler John Bussell’s step-second-cousin Margaret Whicher, Margaret River is one among the state’s well-loved towns and holiday sites.

Known as Wooditchup to the Noongar people within the area, there's evidence that this Australian Aboriginal tribe lived in Margaret River for about 48,000 years.

Recognised together of the earliest sites of human occupation within the country is Devil’s Lair Cave, just south of Margaret River, with the identification of stone and bone artefacts, animal bones and human remains; and despite the settlement of Europeans within the area, the Noongar people still hold their reference to the world .