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10 Massive take away of Donald Trump’s 60 minute interview

US President-elect Donald Trump

UITV, NOV 15 - Donald Trump on his first full fledged 60-minute interview was in the right mood to answer all the question and comment on the issue that is causing a back drop to the economy of the great USA. And as his campaign slogan goes, “Let’s make America great again!”

In the interview, he raised his opinion as the president-elect, on issues pertaining to Obamacare, health policy and the immigration rules.

Here is the count-down of the 10 issues that he will take up as President from Jan 20th 2016.


The Electoral College

He spent most of his campaign in talking about how the Electoral College is rigged and bombarded with useless stuff in the US system. Trump was of the fact that how won the election in the same electoral college that he criticized about. He didn’t win it with majority of votes.

But he said “I was change my opinion because I won.” It showed literally on his face that, for a person to be a President-elect, he must win the entire mandate of people.

The same happened here. Hypothetically, I got 100 million votes and someone got 90 million votes. And I win. The people who didn’t vote for me go on roads saying “he’s not my president.” You see that’s the problem!


Abortion Rights.

Trump was of the opinion to appoint a Supreme Court Judge whose profile leans towards women’s rights. The interviewer, Sahl, pointed out that some stats in the US may ban abortion entirely. And that other women have to go to other states with no other choice left.


Marriage Equality

On this point, his view was settled. And he told us that the Supreme Court has received many such cases and they have been solved perfectly and he is fine with it.



After a hour and a half discussion with President Obama, the suggestion made by the president to the president-elect was simple. Obama didn’t ask Trump to repeal the Obamacare but instead talked about the positives and negatives of Affordable care act.

Trump change would be to keep the insurance for parents whose children “still leave with them”, even if they are earning.



On this matter, he simply said that the strategy can’t be disclosed. That element of surprise has to be maintained. When the reporter Sahl told “We have some amazing generals”, Trump in his reply said that he knew more than those generals. “Look at the work they have done” he added.


Meeting Obama at the White House.

“We talked about middle-east” he told the reporter. He later added on how Obama explained all the nuances that were involved in deal with the issues of that country.

Trump said “I was there to get his full view on the ISIS topic and I understood everything from his view point.” He made this statement to a man whom he once called as the ‘founder of ISIS.’


Hilary Clinton

“Yes I received a call from Hilary, she is smart and a tough woman.” He described the call as a lovely conversation. He added by saying that even Bill Clinton called him up the next day to congratulate him.

When asked about appointing a special team to investigate on the email scam of Hilary, he said that he had better things to focus on like health care, immigration etc and don’t want to hurt them.



“The tax network in this country is highly complex”. Once he starts his presidential role, he is going to simply the taxes rules and lower taxes.”


Undocumented Immigrants

“What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, where a lot of these people, probably 2 million, it could be even 3 million, we are getting them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate,” Trump said. Once he considers the country’s borders secure, he said there will be a vetting process to allow re-entry.

Gear up for the final one.

Here goes……


The Wall

The main burning issue is building the wall, which he had used it as a slogan in his presidential debates. He is still open to building a wall across the Mexican border. First he wants to part it off with a fence and then later think about the wall.

There is video of the entire interview. Keep locked into UiTV. Cheers

Video Courtesy - USA TOMORROW