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10 Ways to know if he is a *Jerk*; In the First 15 Minutes!


I’m sure we all must have come across the guys who turned out to be a complete whack! And also we somewhere wished to know this earlier so that we could escape as soon as possible. While some whacks show their wackiness in the First few seconds, others take time. We have cut down few Behaviors which implicates if he is Jerk or not!

# He Brags and Brags; Non-Stop

While he is bragging about the stuff that he has achieved and about his so called Girlfriend, he is trying to make himself sound COOL in front of you.  But Trust me he is not!

#He keeps Looking (U know where) instead of your face

Not necessarily into your eyes but at least he should be looking at your face. This thing you usually check while saying ‘Hello’ or Shaking Hands.

#He keeps walking ahead of you

Usually some guys find it quite a Macho move to be leading when it comes to Female Species. This behavior is usually noticed when you walk together and he keeps bragging about how great he is, and does not get the concept of beside you any time soon.

#He won’t let you utter a word

If you come across such guys just that u should know they have never in their life had known the Concept of “Good Listener”. Hence, just pack you bag and leave the place as soon as possible!

#He is Checking out another Women while having conversation with you

While you are having a great conversation with a great eye contact and suddenly he Rolls his eyes not one or twice but many times checking other women out; well you know what he is then!

#He is Rude to the people Inferior to Him

Like Waiters; to make him look Superior he will take a dig at Waiters or usually is very rude towards them! Jerk Alert!

#He makes stereotypical Assumptions

“Are you on your Periods? You look Sad!”, “You must love Pink?!” He will make sure to pass his pointless judgement towards you to indicate that all women are usually stereotypical! If this is the way he starts conversation, well he is not the one for you.

#He talks about other Girls who he is dating

FYI! You don’t need 15 minutes to verify this guy. This guy clearly does not understand that it’s not making him look like a cool Casanova; instead, it’s making him sound like an absolute idiot.

#He is interested in his Phone more than the Conversation

You really have no idea why he is on a date with you, in the first place. All he seems to be interested in is his smartphone.

#if he qualifies at least above 4 points

Ladies! Don’t waste your time and Get off!