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100-year-old NRI lady runner bags Gold medal at American Masters Games

100-year-old NRI woman Man Kaur

Vancouver, Sep 3 (UITV)- It was indeed a proud moment for India when 100-year-old NRI woman Man Kaur won a gold medal at the American Masters Games.

Kaur crossed the finish line in the 100-meter competition for old athletes within one minute and 21 seconds to claim a Gold Medal. That’s because the 100-year-old Kaur was the only female competitor in her age category at the competition for old athletes.

Other participants, who were in 70s and 80s, of American Masters Games cheered for Man Kaur when she ran on the track. Soon after the victory, she had a smile on her face and raised her hands in the air.

The unique international event, which is organized for athletes over the age of 30, saw several participants. And when Kaur joined in, athletes felt inspired by her energy and drive to compete.

Kaur’s son Gurudev Singh, 78, who was also competing in the event, was quoted telling that whenever she wins, she returns to India and tells everybody about her medals she won in different countries. “Winning makes her happy,” he added.

Kaur has won more than 20 medals in Masters Games across the globe. While practicing in her home, she goes out every evening to run five or 10 short distances, said Singh.

Charmaine Crooks, a five-time Olympian who won a silver medal for Canada in the women’s 4x400-meter relay in 1984, serves as an athlete ambassador for the Masters Games. She praised Kaur’s “dynamic spirit.”

The World Masters Games takes place every four years, with regional games in between. The Americas Masters Games in Vancouver is the first summer regional games in North-America, Crooks said.