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5 ideas for students: how to travel inexpensively (almost for free)

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We don't want to sit around all spring and summer watching soap operas on the computer. So what should we do? Go on a trip, of course. But what about students who can only afford to buy food? Now let's think about options for traveling on a budget.

What are the ways and tips for those who want to know how to travel around the world inexpensively? There are quite a few. Here are five ways to travel for free or simply cheap.

1. Hitchhiking and "savages."

Quite an affordable way to get around in almost any country. But you have to be mentally and physically prepared for its peculiarities:

  • you need to walk a lot;
  • probably do not sleep at night;
  • you do not know when and where you will arrive. It all depends on how quickly you will be picked up by kind and bored van drivers.

Hitchhiking effectively in a large company will not work, but for one or two people this way works. But, if you are a pretty girl of young years, it is worth many, many times to think about whether it is necessary to hitchhike alone. Or, at the very least, to equip yourself with the means of self-defense.

Conclusion: hitchhiking is possible if you are an adventurer. If you need a quiet and predictable vacation - you better not try.

2. Cheap Flights

Flights by so-called low-cost airlines are a great way to travel cheaply. Here it is important to plan: the earlier you book and buy a ticket, the cheaper it will be. Keep an eye out for special offers. If you're right timing, you can fly "for cheap".

However, on such flights usually, there is no food, but you can always take a delicious sandwich. In any case, low-cost flights are a great solution for those who want to travel cheaply through Europe and the world.

3.Cheap accommodation

You don't have to stay in a fancy, expensive hotel and spend a lot of money. The main thing is to search, and you will find. Many services allow you to find great accommodations at a low price.
To avoid being unsubstantiated, here are a few sites that will help you find lodging anywhere in the world:

  • Booking - hotels, and hostels;
  • Airbnb - accommodation from locals. Attention, the service is paid;
  • HomeAway - is an analog of Airbnb, but less promoted;
  • Couchsurfing - and here you can find a bed for free.
  • Rooms can be provided by residents and hostels, and if you like to travel "savage" - camp in a suitable area. Just don't forget to pick up your trash.

4. Learn from others and make new friends

The experience gained on your own is the most valuable. But learning from more experienced fellow travelers is also very useful. During preparation for a trip well ask those who have been on similar trips.

Also, traveling with a company is more interesting, fun, and cheaper than traveling alone. But some people are more comfortable traveling alone. Nevertheless, splitting the cost of fuel for the car, a room in a hostel and food is much easier when you are not alone.

5. Budget meals

Eating in restaurants crammed with tourists is expensive. Get away from the most popular tourist spots and find a place where locals go. There you can get a cheaper meal and see the authenticity of the place you are visiting.

One day of travel can give you more than ten years in a familiar place. So while you're young, travel! And while you travel and see the world, essayassistant.net will take care of all your academic needs!