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8 Months he has no food – UAE’s Indian man

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It was Ajman city in UAE  where this Indian was living on a terrace with no food.  He was living there as his employer was not returning his passport.

The man had settled all his dues with the employer but of no use. The employer had not given the Indian passport to the Indian employee (who doesn’t want to be named) and he was deported to a small house.  That wasn’t even a house, it was on the terrace of the house where he was living and he had no income.

His savings was gradually reducing and he was left with no money to even buy food. When the local media reported this, the local residents came to help him out.

Ok I will name him….

His name is SANJEEV RAJAN. He is an one eyed man who is in his 40s and has worked for Sharjah based construction firm. He has made the barren concrete terrace as his house now.

He is a resident of Kerala in India. And he is desperately trying to return to his home in Kollam in kerala where his children, wife and aging parents await him.

After the local newsapaper reported his story, the local residents came to his help. They offered his monetary help, buying air tickets,  give him a part time job. His health is deteriorating day by day.

A local newspaper said that the officials in the Indian consulate push-away to comment on this issue.

SANJEEV RAJAN’s employer made a statement on Monday that the he was working hard to repatriate as a worker.

The Indian employer in the same construction form said that there is no other option for Sanjeev to wait for the labor court hearing and he is not sure of the next hearing of the labor court.

He meant that he had committed a crime and had made actions that go against the labor lawsof that country. Why aren’t the Indian diplomats in UAE taking note of this situation.

Every Indian official in the Indian consulate main issue is to help the Indians who are residing in the other country, who are out for work or better standard of living.

Mr.Sanjeev wants to desperately go out of UAE and get back to his home as he is left with no money.

"I was living in the company accommodation for two years. My contract ended on March 11 and I wanted to go home. Working for Dh900 ($245) per month did not meet my expectations."

He is taking food from a restaurant for free from so many months and he feels guilty of that fact and he wants to repay them back.

And there are street goers who gives him Dh.3 per day for breakfast. But Sanjeev laments the fact that in-spite of approaching the labor court and the Indian consulate several times, he couldn’t get any help.

The local people have offered him help and he is  greatly thankful to them. The Indian diplomats in the Indian consulate were doing their best, but is of no credible result for Sanjeev.

The employer who had employed Sanjeev has accepted to the Indian consulate people that all  the documents and the issues with Sanjeev will be settled within 4 days but nothing as such has happened is what Mr.Rajan says.

According to the people in the Indian consulate, the issue had to settled in the first week of October and as per today’s status no improve in the condition is seen.

If you’re an Indian Diplomat reading this, you know what to do!