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An 8 year old, Sahana gets a reply to her letter from President Obama’s office

Obama writes a letter to the Indian-America girl and thanks her for reminding him on why he ran for the President's office in 2008, in the first place

Washington D.C. Jan 25. UITV. An India origin girl, of just 8 years, had written a letter to the 44th President of the United States (POTUS) and surprisingly, she got a reply back from the office of the president.

The president was seen telling the young girl, Sahana on why he ran for the office in the first place.

And holding true to the title of 'one of the greatest Presidents to go down in history', Barack Obama replied to her and thanked her as well

The letter Obama wrote was shared on Twitter by Mihir Bijur, a renowned restauranteur in Mumbai. He told Indiatimes that his niece, Sahana Shashital wrote to Obama to tell him that "he did a great job the past 8 years".

Here is the tweet from her uncle:

And here is the letter from the President Obama;s office to Sahana: