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After Kardashian, Rihanna gets criticized for hitting cultural sentiments

Rihanna appeared in diversified chinese pictures in Harper's Bazaar

New York, july 11 (UITV): After Kim Kardashian West’s latest shapewear line faced severe criticism for named as ‘Kimono’ hurting the Japanese cultural sentiments, singer and actor Rihanna has been accused of hitting cultural sentiments for her fashionable photoshoot on a magazine cover.

An Instagram post by Harper’s Bazaar China says that the design behind the August cover and inside spread was to present cross-cultural style combination a Western fashion symbol like Rihanna with Eastern aesthetics. In the photos, one can see the singer in different looks with references to Chinese cultural symbols like the fans in her hair, thin eyebrows, and even presenting a Shih Tzu (a dog breed developed in China) in one of the images.

Rihanna also took to Instagram to post the first look of her cover shoot where she can be seen posing in various geisha-style outfits. In one image, the fashion queen is seen wearing a spirited blue gown which attributes a low cut neckline and billowing sleeves. She’s also seen wearing a bright red bow across her waist which is complemented with a jewel adorned peacock.

With hair smartly tied in a bun and complemented with fans placed along with the coif, the overall look, done by Fenty Global Artist Priscilla Ono, resembles traditional Chinese look.

While some comments about the look have been positive, many users seem to suggest that the look is “culturally appropriate”.

“I love you to the moon and back and you look fire queen but am also confused WHAT IS CULTURAL APPROPRIATION? If a white girl pulled out that outfit she would get so much backlash. I believe everyone has the right to try new cultures and integrate them in their style as long as they’re not offending anyone. we seriously should stop that cultural appropriation trend,” said one user called afaflikespot.

Another Instagram user expressed dismay stating, “I find this very problematic. I can’t believe she’s doing this to culture, very disrespectful.”

“I guess they made her look thinner because, Chinese beauty standards,” another user mentioned.

“Where are all those people coming at the Kardashian’s for cultural appropriation??? It upsets me how double standards the audience is.! They won’t say a word if a black celeb is doing it…. Rihanna & Beyoncé are always using other cultures unsuitably but no one has to say a thing about it but when its the Kardashian’s everyone’s coming at them” said a user.

Another user mentioned, “So why didn't they put a Chinese icon?”

Cultural appropriation is seen as an act of embracing elements of outside, often minority culture including practices, and symbols without understanding or respecting the original culture and context.

This is also not the first time that the black beauty came under fire for her stylish photo shoots. In 2017, the pop star initiated a storm after she attempted Egypt’s legendary royal and beauty queen from the 1300s BC Nefertiti putting a snakeskin coat, metallic blue eyeshadow, and a blue-and-gold headdress.