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After US, Canada post to issue Diwali stamps next September

Deepak Chopra, President of Canada Post

Toronto, Oct 25 (UITV)- US Postal Service had earlier this month released Diwali stamps for the first time in tribute to the growing profile and importance of the Indian community, following that, Canada Post has also decided to issue Diwali stamps next September, Deepak Chopra, president of Canada Post, told The Indian Diaspora.

Director of Stamp Services of Canada Post, Jim Phillips said that they are planning to issue the Diwali stamp next September, approximately one month prior to the start of Diwali. “It will be sold in booklets of 10 stamps and come with an official first day cover,” Phillips added.

Prakash Mody, who’s a stamp and coin collector in Toronto, expressed his happiness at the decision. He has lobbied Canada Post for years that they should bring out the Diwali stamp on the same lines as the Christmas stamps.

“We Indo-Canadians are delighted and thank Indo-Canadian Chairman of Canada Post Deepak Chopra and, of course, the Canada Post and the Philatelic Advicory Committee, for their decision to issue official postage Diwali stamp that will recognize their contributions in general and the contributions of several elected and other Indo-Canadian representatives in the Canadian multicultural mosaic.” he continued.

There are an estimated 1.3 million Canadians of Indian descent who are achievers in various fields and professions. There are four Indo-Canadians in the cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and there are a record 19 Indo-Canadians in the Canada’s parliament.