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Analysis of the Final US Presidential Debate on 20th October 2016

Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic contender Hillary Clinton

Constitution Interpretation:

Opportunities, rights to the citizens of the US was addressed by Hilary Clinton, by taxing the rich for which a supreme court is very essential to stand up upon on women’s rights, LGBT rights. Trump believes that the second amendment is very mutinous and is under siege.


Women right to abortion is a constitutional right to women says Hilary by mentioning the case of Rowy Wade, whose case came up in 2009 in the Supreme Court.


Trump wants to build a wall around the southern US and stop immigrants coming to the States and their jobs and standard of life. He says “Hilary wants to give amnesty”. Hilary says the undocumented people should be put on buses and train and then deported out the country and that is what NOT America is! The fundamental structure of the country will take a hit.


Hilary plans will make the people of America pay double the taxes and its is a complete disaster says Trump. He says he is going to cut taxes and bring back $2.5 Trillion back to the shore. Hilary says she will not rise taxes on anyone making $250 or less.


Hilary says Trump will ship jobs to Mexico and Japan. Her example goes this way, saying that Trump has brought Steel and concrete from China. Basically meaning giving jobs to Chinese steel workers and American steel workers.  Hilary says she will have “Trade prosecutor” first time in the history.

Trump says that Hilary and Obama hired people and paid then $15,000 to their work.

Both agree on the point of Buffet rule, where taxing the rich is very essential.

Foreign Hotspots:

Well, she has got an opinion

Will you put US troops in to the vacuum that ISIS troops have created? For which, Hilary she won’t put in the forces there. Her main goal is to take Mosul and continue to press into Syria. Trump says Iran is taking over Iraq, which is something they wanted to do for long-long time and he will keep eye on it.

On the Topic of ISIS:

Trump says that Obama government has $1.7 Billion in cash by aligning Russia and Iran and now they don’t want to fight ISIS.

Federal debts:

The issue presently are the Medicare are going to run out in 2020 and the debt is 60% on all federal spending. The Federal economists says that “social security” is going to run out of money in 2030 and all the stakeholders are going to take out their money, which will result in a catastrophe.

Hilary will not cut benefits in fact she will increase them for low income workers and women. Trump says that the premiums are going up to 60-80%, so there will huge tax cuts.