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Anti-Caste Law? British Indians gets separated, The lower house of parliament goes berserk

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron

The caste discrimination in UK is a prime factor. The whole country is fighting over the equality law. The debate in the whole lower house of the parliament is in full swing.

The media iwhich covered the proceedings in the house of commons in British, were trying to get out a ‘balanced picture’. It was a packed meeting. It was to test the strong feelings that the panned legislation had fixed in their mind.

The caste issue has raised many eyes in the crowd when the government issued the legislation. The involvement shown by the people is surely a reason of surprise for the parliamentarians.

A senior member of the parliament told the reporter that the legislation would lead to a “completely unnecessary interference” and “bureaucratic nightmare” for all the Hindu community, which would not want to see.

Trupti patel, who is the head of the Hindu community in the British house of commons said that according to her survey, she has found strong evidence, where in the  Hindus are being discriminated

This statement was again accompanied with the voice of the head of Hindu temples, who said that this will spur a friction between the people in the Hindu community and it is the right recipe for disaster.

The Hindu community voted for the labor party last year. The position where the labor party is today, is because of Hindu community. This legislation will dissuade the Indian Diaspora in Britain in not voting for it in the upcoming elections. These words were from the chair of Caste Watch of UK.

The chair added that no piece of equality before in the history of Britain has been to the level of this one. He told that the legislation is nowhere related to the religious and cultural aspects but is directly aiming at the discrimination of the Hindus in the public sphere.

Caste discrimination will lead to a havoc in lives of people because of belief  in caste and its discrimination concepts.

A London based actor and activist argued that such type of allegations weren’t taking place in the country and it is all the hype of the media to uphold this. She cited many examples, among which was the venue of a wedding, which will host its participants, irrespective of their caste. She further added that elderly women weren’t refused to be cared because of their caste. NEVER will that happen in this country.

She raised her voice in saying “Britain will a send strong message to the world that it will not tolerate discrimination”    

A university professor pointed out that the caste discrimination had the ability to travel across the boundaries and impact the ethnic minorities of the world.

So on a concluding note, this issue that has been raised in England is not on a ‘religious term” but on the fact of ‘Dalit struggle for freedom and equality.’

There is a move that is treated with scepticism by the supporters of the legislation, given that the section 9 of the constitution’s equality act  2010, which was amended by the parliament in 2013.

That amendment already required the government to introduce a secondary legislation to make caste and aspect of race and caste discrimination as an aspect of racial discrimination.

But ending the essay with a small quote from one of the wisest men in the British parliament

“the longer the government procrastinates, the greater risk will be the humiliatingly required to be done by the UK courts”