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'Armed' men enter gurdwara in Britain, police cordon building

Gurdwara on Tachbrook Drive

London, Sep 12 (UiTV/IANS)- British police have cordoned off a Sikh temple in Leamington Spa, in Warwickshire, after more than 20 men, some carrying swords, entered the building on Sunday.

Armed officers were on the scene at the Gurdwara on Tachbrook Drive in an attempt to negotiate a peaceful solution to what police were treating as an aggravated trespass rather than a terrorist incident, the Guardian reported.

"At this time we believe that it is an escalation of an ongoing local dispute," a police official said.

"The report was received at 6.47 a.m. after a group of between 20 and 30 men entered the temple. We believe that some of the men are in possession of bladed items and as such armed officers have been deployed to the scene," the police official added.

Jatinder Singh Birdi, a former treasurer at the temple, said a marriage between a Sikh and non-Sikh couple was due to take place, BBC reported.

Birdi said mixed marriages has been a contentious issue in the local Sikh community, with a minority opposing using the temple for such services.

"There have been tensions that have been going on for a couple of years with some people objecting to mixed marriages in taking place in the gurdwara," Birdi said.