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Atacama Desert, one of the driest places in the world

Atacama Desert, Chile

San Pedro De Atacama, Dec 06 (UITV) - Atacama Desert is one of the most astonishing places on earth, its ecoregion occupies a continuous strip for nearly 1,600 km along the narrow coast of the northern third of Chile.

Atacameño people

Atacama is the source of most of the world’s lithium; Atacameño is a tribe in Atacama desert surviving since 500 AD. San Pedro de Atacama is a town which is one of the most important settlements in the region. San Pedro de Atacama was the Atacameños primary oasis settlement and the centre of their cultural development. Today, tourism is its main economic activity along with agriculture.

Mesmerizing landscape

The temperatures are magnificent for spending a day in the dry desert and the sky is exceptionally clear. Atacama’s mesmerizing landscape is surely a delight to even most experienced travellers.

Sunrise at El Tatio Geysers

Experiencing sunrise at El Tatio Geysers would be a magical start to the day. Stunning view point’s can be witnessed in this place.

El Valle De La Luna

Trekking through salt caves in El Valle De La Luna is one of the most magical experiences in the Atacama region. Don’t miss a trip to Chaxa Lagoon in the heart of the salt flats to see pink flamingos in their natural habitat.

Altiplanic Lagoons

Miscanti and Miñiques Lagoons are two of Chile’s most picturesque lagoons, known as the lagunas altiplanicas. These are deep blue lagoons surrounded by salt, flanked by towering volcanoes.