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Australian PM Scott Morrison wishes Indian diaspora on Holi occasion

Prime Minister of Australia- Scott Morrison

Melbourne, Mar 11 (UITV): Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Tuesday greeted the Indian diaspora in Australia on the occasion of Holi, saying the festival stands for peace and prosperity and gives an opportunity to share and embrace one another's rich traditions.
"I want to wish everyone celebrating the festival of colours a very happy Holi filled with love and joy and peace and prosperity. Holi ki shubh Kamanayen," Morrison said in a video message posted on his Facebook account.
He said Holi represents an important time for the Australian community of Hindu faith. "Its a joyful welcome to the new season. The festival is one of the most colourful occasion on the multicultural calendar each year which was now being widely celebrated by the broader Australian community," he said.
Morrison said Holi celebrations gives an opportunity to share and embrace one another's rich traditions, to understand each other better.

Not even fears about the coronavirus could stop many people from taking to the streets in India to celebrate Holi, one of the world's most photogenic religious festivals, although some donned face masks.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted his decision to sit it out, saying, "I have decided not to participate," in the celebrations.