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Bathe in the Beauty of River cruise, Sunderban


WEST BENGAL, DEC 18, (UITV): Sunderbans national park is located at the South Eastern tip of the 24 Paraganas district in Bengal. It got this name from one of the mangrove plants known as Sundari. The Sundarbans are a part of the world's largest delta formed by the rivers Ganges,Brahmaputra and Meghna. Sundarban is a vast area covering 4262 square km in India alone, with a larger portion in Bangladesh. 2585 sq. km of the Indian Sundarban forms the largest Tiger Reserve and National Park in India. The total area of the Indian part of the Sundarban forest, lying within the latitude between 21°13'-22°40' North and longitude 88°05'-89°06' East, is about 4,262 sq km, of which 2,125 sq km is occupied by mangrove forest across 56 islands and the balance is beneath water.

The park is encircled by a buffer zone of 885 sq. kilometers. This also mainly consists of mangrove forests. The core space of the park has its own natural boundaries with the stream Matla on it's West, the stream Haribhanga on it's East, with Netidhopani and Gosba within the North.

The four Sunderbans national parks are lumped along as all of them share common options of the body of water angiospermous tree system. the most attractions of the Sunderbans area unit the Tiger, of that the delta harbor giant reptiles just like the lizard, body of water crocodilian and also the Lepidochelys olivacea Turtle, that there's a conservation programme within the Indian park. The Leopard, Rhinoceros unicornis, Javan perissodactyl mammal, Swamp Deer, Hog ruminant and Bubalus bubalis have all become domestically extinct from the delta in recent decades.

The best time to go to Sunderbans is throughout winters between December and February. Though the park is open for extended from September to March. this is often the amount once the utmost migratory birds are gift here.