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The Best Sea Cave Tour in the Algarve

Parking is limited near the beach and the road quite steep - be ready for a little bit of walking up and down

Portugal, May 29 (UITV) - The southern coast of Portugal is lined with exquisite beaches and caves, including the famous Benagil Sea Cave (skylight included).

Benagil Sea Cave in the Algarve is a true natural wonder. It’s a sea cave with a natural occurring oculus that towers over its own secluded beach.

At the right time of day the Sun casts light through this dome, illuminating a stunning scene that anyone visiting Portugal should try to see.

The Algarve coast is Portugal’s most popular holiday destination, drawing many Europeans looking to embrace the country’s summer sun.

The coastline runs for about 150 kilometres and is dotted with alternating beaches, cliffs and caves, the latter of which bear interesting formations like skylights and often host picturesque variations of light throughout the day.

Mid-tide is the better time to enter by boat, as you can get deep enough in the cave.

The Algarve has been developed into your typical seaside destination with expanding resorts adding more and more concrete to the region, but leaving the busy strip between Faro and Albufeira to escape into nature and tiny fishing villages is still a piece of cake.

When you’re not at the beach, world-class golf courses, important religious sites, Roman ruins and nature reserves are all easily accessible by car and even busy Albufeira retains its traditional charm.

Aside from multitudes of cookie-cutter resorts, the region boasts plenty of quaint (but still luxurious) bed and breakfasts, guest houses and boutique hotels.

Video Source: Youtube