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Black foreigners were responsible for that incident? INDIA QUESTIONS

Africans in Noida’s Kailash Hospital after being attacked by a mob in Greater Noida

Noida, April 03 (UITV)- A teenager in Noida died of a suspected drug overdose,black foreigners were responsible for that incident !, said by local people in Noida.

Residents of the area assumed that the drugs were provided to the teenager by five Nigerian students who were his neighbours.

A large mob has beaten up a black foreigner in Noida's Ansal Plaza.

The Hindustan Times reports has stated that Nigerian girl was allegedly abducted and several Africans were assaulted in Greater Noida on Monday.

Meanwhile, The Times of India reports that several people were attacked in different incidents. The report said that three Nigerians were attacked when they were crossing Pari Chowk, another Nigerian was beaten up near Jagat Farm. This is separate from the attack in Ansal Plaza.

This all began when teenage resident of the NSG Black Cat Enclave in Greater Noida, Manish Khari, went missing and later died in a hospital in a suspected case of drug overdose.

While first the parents and neighbours had accused five Nigerian students, living in the same enclave,when the boy came back they accused them of giving him drugs because of which he died.

Association of African Students in India held a protest march as well on Sunday.After several attacks the association on its Facebook page has asked all African students to stay indoors till protection was provided for them.


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