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Block-chain Investor ConsenSys looking for Mauritius


Port Louis, July 11 (UITV): An Ethereum start-up ConsenSys is very much interested to explore Mauritius and do their business. The newly born company is looking for a big business activity in Mauritius which can create the Island country “Ethereum Island”. ConsenSys is a block-chain technology investors that has already spread in Africa, Asia and beyond.


The founder of ConsenSys Joseph Lubin  has been already toured the African island and met nation’s Board of Investment, the Bank of Mauritius and other privet and public sectors.


“We expected to encounter significant enthusiasm, but we were overwhelmed with the excitement that we felt in every single meeting. If Mauritius puts together a concerted effort to be a world leader, it will be.” Joseph Lubin told after all meetings in Mauritius.


Interestingly, the African nation established itself as a offshore financial sector but it is now focusing on block-chain sectors. Not only that Mauritius is very much interested to enrich itself in this particular field.


In 2016, Mauritius began the process of establishing a regulatory sandbox license in an effort to attract block-chain investors.


Mauritius has the tools ans nimbleness needed to adopt ans embrace new technologies at a  more rapid clip than larger jurisdictions.    


by Ujjainee Chakraborty