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BMC feels first phase of Monsoon too much to handle

Waterlogged streets and poor drainage system being cause of traffic

Mumbai, July 02 (UITV): Continual rainfall over the night has brought Mumbai to a halt as many parts of the commercial capital is already under the water. There is no sign of comfort from the ceaseless downpour even on Tuesday as the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted heavy to extremely heavy rainfall across the state. Maharashtra government has announced a public holiday today as a preventative step.

Mumbai is at earnest risk of flooding between July 3 and July 5. Close to 200 mm or more rain/ day is going to pound the city during this period, which could spoil routine life in the city.
At least 18 people were killed and several others were injured after a compound wall collapsed on a colony in Malad East early this morning. The primary runway of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport was closed last night after a SpiceJet flight left its mark while landing in the middle of heavy rainfall. Multiple international and domestic flights were delayed. Western Railways has cancelled and rescheduled various trains aftermath  heavy rains.

Major delays of trains at Thane railway station had wrecked havoc on the platform today. A woman slipped and tumbled upon another woman due to the huge crowd at platform number 4 in Thane. Fortunately, the police personnel handled the situation and a major accident was averted. Soaring population, mismanagement and corruption in Asia's richest municipal corporation BMC has resulted in mass chaos and inconvinience for the general public.

one wonders, this year the very beginning of Monsoon claimed more than 27 lives, what would come next! Waterlogged streets and railway tracks, bumper to bumper traffic, seen every monsoon has made govt. to declare the very nxt day a public holiday. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) commissioner Pravin Pardeshi claimed, "Mumbai has already witnessed a total of 85 per cent rain in last four days, which is the usual rainfall for the entire month of June."BMC states 550 mm in 48 hours was too much to handle.
But On the other hand, July also looks highly favourable for Mumbai after good rains were observed in the month of June, that tends to end the dehydration and water trouble. Thus Vidarbha, parts of Madhya Maharashtra, Southwest Madhya Pradesh, North Madhya Maharashtra, South Rajasthan and Gujarat would profit the maximum from this spell.

Chennai, on the other hand is facing scorching heat and under a serious trouble of water scarcity. The city is staggering under intense water shortage with most of the city reservoir below their long term average capacity. And the prophesy of a dry spell for the city in the first week of July is only going to make matters worse.