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Bonjour Monsieur, Pondicherry


Bengaluru, Aug 9 (UITV): Pondicherry or Puducherry sounds peculiar with a French touch. A so called ‘French Riviera of the East’, Pondicherry is one of the most enthralled places in South India which affectionately called as pondi, situated  8,000 kilometers away from France is known for its bright painted yellow and white buildings, clean roads,  serene beaches,  foreign architecture, fresh French cuisine, long boulevard beaches and a great place to revive you mind.

A Nomad’s Delight

Ever wondered where Ang Lee’s outstanding Academy Award winning movies was shot?! Well, in the backwaters of beaches in Pondicherry. During my recent visit to Pondicherry, we were in all together 10 people. The hotel which we found was Sarvamangalam Inn, situated at the center of the city, a place specially for budget friendly people.

A small France in Pondicherry

The stay  was pretty satisfying according to the budget. I was not pretty much convinced that Paradise beach is the best in Pondicherry during my last visit. But there was always a difference in Paradise beach and Paradise Island. Trust me Paradise Island  is one heaven fallen into Earth. My personal favorite is Serenity Beach, less crowded and completely serene as the name suggests.

French architecture 

Marine Drive or Promenade Beach

Promenade Beach or Rock Beach  is one of the popular beaches with 1-2 kilometer long boulevard in Puducherry, which starts from War Memorial and end at Duplex Park (named after a hotel) on the Goubert Ave. Right in the middle there is a magnificent statue of Gandhiji. Being a Mumbaikar, it was hard to pick my favorite among  these two. Besides Beaches, you cannot miss visiting Auroville and the ‘Mantrimandir’ . The Rishi Aurobindo Ashram inside French Colony is in all a total Spiritual Bliss. French Colony may get you some great pictures for social media posts.

One of the visitors’ attractions is Promenade Beach

Cuisine in French Paradise

Café Xtasi, paradise for pizza lovers. Though it calls as French Paradise, the place will give you authentic Italian pizzas with wooden-baked thin crust and delicious Italian Cuisine.  It made us eat pizzas as our breakfast for two consecutive days. Le Club, one of the best place for French cuisine. Fresh Juices and Dosa like no where in South India on the Streets of French Colony.

You can test a perfect Italian Pizza sitting here in Pondicherry

If you are in an India tour , I will allways sugest you to visit such a place in India, which your give you the dramatic touch of  past and present India.

Written by Pooja Dubey