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Borobudur Vesak Lampion Festival

Vesak Festival

Vesak Festival, a Buddhist festival, in the month of May celebrates the birth, death and the enlightenment of Siddharth Gautam as Buddha Shakyamuni. All three events together are called Vesak Trisuci. Vesak is called Buddha’s day.
The religious festival, held on the evening of the full moon day in the month of May, takes place in the 9th century A.D Borobudur temple. The monks dress in saffron robes, carry candles and orange flowers as offerings with them. Their procession starts in the evening when the temple is washed by the moonlight. They light the candles and chant holy chants. They also pray and meditate at the same time. After the completion of prayers the pilgrims follow the Pradaksina ritual, where they circle the temple three times. Marking the end of the ceremony thousands of Puja Lanterns are released into the sky that symbolizes enlightenment for the entire universe.